Should LGBTQ+ be accepted? (Please state your sources, unless it's opinion.)

Asked by: RoyalPrince2442
  • Being gay is not a choice.

    Nobody chooses to be gay. It is simply human nature. Why would anyone choose to be gay if it meant that thousands of close-minded and hateful people would tell them every single day that they are disgusting?

    It's not right to hate on anyone for their skin colour. They don't choose the colour of their skin, so there's no reason to hate them if they can't change that. The same is true for LGBT+ people. They don't choose to be gay, so they shouldn't be discriminated against for that reason.

    In addition, 1 in 10 adoptions in England in 2016 were by same-sex couples. This is largely disproportionate to the amount of people who identify as homosexual or bisexual. There is also no evidence showing that same-sex couples do a better job at raising children than opposite-sex couples do. On the contrary, all same-sex couples actually plan to have children, compared to 50% of children in the US being unplanned. When it comes to adoptions, letting same-sex couples adopt is not at all a bad thing - it lets children have parents that will be able to raise them. Same-sex couples are capable of raising a child and should not be discriminated against.
    Not to mention, approximately 21% of same-sex parents have adopted children. Only around 9% of same-sex couples with children do.

    LGBT+ people are not in any way harming the world. They bring overpopulation down and they are responsible for a disproportionately high amount of adoptions. Anyone who discriminates against LGBT+ people are close-minded bigots who believe that a fictional god from a book that's thousands of years old matters more than respecting other human beings.

    Homosexuality exists in just about every species of animal. Homophobia exists in but one.


  • Don't force your opinion on others

    Even if you don't think that LGBTQ+ people are legitimate, that's your opinion. There is no need to force it on anyone. If you don't think that it's OK to be gay,t hen fine, don't be gay. But don't try to force other people into not being gay. There's just no need, and you'll fail anyway.

  • I don't see why it would be.

    Being LGBT is in no way wrong. I mean, it's not something the person can control, and it's not harming anyone (unless they're into that), so I don't see why people would have a problem with, other than two reasons. Firstly, religious reasoning and seeing it as a sin (in which case, I don't agree, but they're entitled to their religious beliefs), or just seeing it as gross 'cause it's different than them or an alien concept to them. There's nothing unnatural about it, and, quite frankly, even if it was a choice (which it isn't), who cares? Again. No harm being done except to those who don't like what consenting adults do behind closed doors. In fact, in the 'T' part (transgender), they're actively taking steps to improve their quality of life, without taking away any functional ability to live. So what's the big deal? Just let people be people in all their variation.

  • LGBTQ+ is not wrong!!

    Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, or anything within those limits is 100% ok! There is nothing wrong with it. People say it's unnatural; it's not. Over 1,800 species in nature have been found to engage in homosexual acts. And y'all know what? Only 1 species have homophobia!! Can you guess which one it is?

    Us! Humans! What seems unnatural now?! And don't use the 'we aren't animals' argument; we are animals, under the category of mammal. We were made by nature, the same way a dove was made or a deer or a lion or fish. Evolution.

  • Nothing wrong with it

    The LGBTQ+ shouldn't have to be discriminated in the first place. Why aren't the straights shunned? If someone loves another, Why does our genitals have to be a barrier for love?

    And I'm a bit fed up with hate spewing from religion. I'm not religious, But does God really hate gays? Shouldn't he love everyone, Despite the differences? I mean, That's his whole thing, Right? I respect religion even though I don't agree with it, So they should also respect others.

  • It isn't a big problem

    It isn't a choice to be gay. I'm not, and I never will be, but if someone is, we can more or less let them be. If they want to be gay, or lesbian, then that should be okay. If the problem with being gay to someone is that the bible is against it, then I think we have a problem. The bible is very old and unreliable. Many things in the bible have no evidence of ever actually happening. The bible is a lot alike the constitution: It is good in fundamentals, but sometimes it can be severely outdated. What I'm saying is that if you are gay or lesbian, go ahead and be it, and no one has the right to stop you.

  • They force their opinions on the young

    Ok I get it, people want to be gay or whatever else is included. But that shouldn't be forced everywhere we go! People have the right to make their choice, we don't need rallies and flags everywhere I go, telling people to be accepting. It's crazy how prevalent it is in culture!

  • They are gay

    Its no lie that LGBTQ+ is a synonym for gay, and we need to maintain a social experinece for real men. Its hard for a guy like me to walk outside without getting groped but i live it, im not gay or anything far from it, im just shy. Shy people need rights too ya know.

  • Certain groups will not accept you guy and women me personally i have no problems with gays or trans.

    Look simply screaming love me isn't going to work especially religious groups they have rights too just as you do. People stuck in old ways maybe wont either. And with the trans gender groups i don't feel they should have the right to force people to use their pronouns. I also don't believe in the whole its homo- trans- phobic to not sleep with you because you are a different sex.

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