Should liability insurance be mandatory for all gun owners?

  • Yes, It Should Be

    I fail to see why a gun owner shouldn't be forced to have some form of liability insurance. A good analogy is that of people who own and drive motor vehicles. We are expected as a society to guard against undue risk, and a gun owner should be no different by any means.

  • Absolutely not

    Many people will use the analogy of a motor vehicle. They will say "when you buy a car you need to transfer the title (analogous to universal background checks on guns), register the car, then insure the car". Actually, that's not true. You are not required to do any of those things unless you plan on operating said vehicle on a public roadway. See where I'm going with this?

  • The right to owning and driving a car is not guaranteed in the constitution

    I cannot understand how people fail to recognize that the constitution guarantees all citizens the right to bear arms. Do you have to buy insurance before you exercise your right to free speech? Why not, speech can be reckless and dangerous. Who is this trying to punish? Are the kind of people that will murder someone, or leave a loaded gun for their children to access going to be the ones that purchase the insurance? And how is this different than a poll tax? You are going to have to accept that owning a gun is a right in this country, if that angers you then have the courage of your convictions to call for a change in the constitution to ban or limit that right.

  • No, Liability Insurance for Gun Owners Isn't the Next Step

    Much change needs to occur in the unregulated world that is now gun ownership in the U.S., but liability insurance for gun owners is not the next logical step. People seem to think that there is some kind of magic in owning insurance that will make costs go away. This is dangerous. The good thing is that the insurance industry examines trends, analyzes data, and calculates risk. There are a couple potential drawbacks. Gun owners may not worry as much because they are covered from personally covering injury or damage, or worse, those who can't afford insurance will hide their stores from public view. The larger danger is that we will create another economic bubble in the insurance industry that will burst our economy. Gun education, especially gun safety, and background checks may be a better place to start.

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