• Whatever happened to personal responsibility

    First off, we cannot have a nanny Government watching over our backs all the time. People need to take responsibility for their own actions instead of crying to the Government every time something bad happens to them. Then these liabilities cause so much pain and suffering to the other side. Like take dog bites. If someone is dumb enough to taunt a dog, and they bite, thats not my problem or the dogs problem. Sure, I would pay for their medical bill, as I am a decent person. But I am not gonna let the state take my dog away cause someone was too stupid to know about animal treatment. Or take the Mcdonalds lawsuit. If you spill hot coffee on yourself, thats your problem. If Mcdonalds chooses to be benevolent and help, thats their choice. But coffee is hot, end of story, she should have known that.

    Then Liabilities are just a facade to make companies look like they care about the welfare of their customers and workers. Take this Nursing Home I worked at. They served the most horrible food, but obsessed about cleanliness enough to avoid a lawsuit, never mind the poison we fed the residents.

    Then Liability laws are taken over by corporate interests. Take the FDA. Supposedly they are out to protect us from dangerous food and drugs. Nope, they are run by big pharma and monsanto. Their lawsuits center around catering to giant corporations, not the people. Which is just a form of oppression in order to make money.

  • Sometimes people truly are liable

    What about when the dog bites when you are just minding your own business?

    I agree some of the lawsuits are ridiculous. But eliminating liability isn't going to make things any better. Then doctors can not even care and just screw up and leave things inside you and not get in trouble. Of course most doctors want to do their jobs right, but liability is to deal with the ones who don't or the ones who don't.

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