Should liberalism be diagnosed as a mental illness?

Asked by: GoGoGadget
  • Global Instability, decline.

    It's now very factual that the further Left a Nation heads the more unstable it becomes. Globalism is a catastrophe that has put civilization on a precipice of blood. A nation that has no defining goals or attributes becomes a failed state.

    It's time to accept we are in unchartered and volatile territory with forceful infantlike naivety.

  • This is just insipid.

    Liberalism is to egalitarianism what Republicanism is to xenophobia, recalcitrance and chest beating.

    There was a time when right leaning conservatives in America were constructive, and frequently more liberal at the local level.

    Today the right wing in America is epitomized by intolerance, denial of science and desire for theocracy.

    When even Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion cannot support the current redefining of the Republican party, you know it's the conservative cause in America that has become the party of metal illness, and that party is over, even more now than when this article was published.


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