• Libtards should be banned

    Stupid libtards think they are so much better. Liberalism is a disease and we should eradicate it. Trump should eradicate libtards so that they don't reproduce and make more. They should read the history of our country and it clearly says conservatism is better and not this libtard crap also they don't like the death penalty so it would be pretty funny

  • Let's debate not kill

    It's clear today's Liberalism is fall of grace for the ideology is once was. Before Liberals wished let people to speak their mind, Have to freely live as they see fit and ensure prosperity and happiness for all. Now Liberals wish that people and society were made equally balanced even if it means limiting personal choice or restricting freedoms, Striking out at those who try threaten that balance, Dividing people into groups in order focus on rights for a certain group rather that everyone and in power they pursue that feel and look good rather than what's morally right and does good for the people. Yes today's Liberal are flawed, Some of time they often make things worse and people are sick of their left wing woke virtual-signal elitism but even as Conservative I believe they have the same right to express their opinions as me. What ever the Liberal talking point it may be, If it's LGBT rights, Climate Change or Gender Equality. I would rather debate Liberals on these issues not kill them. Save the death penalty for people who truly deserve it (those who committed serious crimes and offences not for a expressing different opinion). Let's live and let live. Liberal or Conservative.

  • Trumpistas will die first

    They believe that they are full of common sense and everyone else dumb.
    They believe that watching a 10 minute youtube video makes them smarter than everyone.
    They believe that liberals don't work and that illegals are lazy but somehow taking their jerbs. Maybe your job was not that hard even a dumb robot can do your hard job.

    And somehow that believe that Nazis are working with communists and Muslim and Blacks lives matter to destroy the "hard working" white man.
    And somehow an A-15 will keep them safe from the scary world out to get them. A simple Germ or chemical can get you you dolts.

    They are self destructing. An amish farmer with no education will outlive them and is so much smarter than a trumpista.

    They gone so backwards that soon they will self medicate themselves with bleach and drink it within a generation or 2.

    They are so dumb that they believe the world is Conservative and Liberal. Any intellectual who disagrees with their foolish ideas is labeled as a liberal even if they don't agree with either party.

    I don't care your family will become to dumb too survive in a few more generations. "Daddy is electricity bad? " "I don't know son lets do a scientific experiment and poke it with a fork and see what happens.

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chungusfanatic79 says2020-08-17T18:48:17.103
This is a dumb debate topic

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