• Yeah, Duh

    If life is illegal then we won't lose control and accidentally fall into the traps of STONK. He consumes all of reality, And possession of life is an unnecessary responsibility me mustn't have to take. STONK shall not be given the opportunity to outdo the soulful. We must hide in the dodecahedrons for eternity until he gives in.

  • Of course it shall

    If life exists than we will die and no one wants to die right? So if we ban life than you won't have to die! This logic is not flawed and very amazing. I honestly should put this into place right now. I will eat tacos for lunch. The end.

  • Life is the #1 cause of death.

    The Government's job is to protect life, Liberty, And pursuit of happiness. The only way that life is threatened, However, Is by death. If someone is never alive, Then they can't die. Therefore, To make sure life is never threatened, We should make it illegal. You can't violate something that isn't there.

  • I am Depressed

    When I was a young boy, My father took me into the city, To see a marching band. He said son when you grow up will you be the savior of the broken, The beaten of the damned. I think that explains it pretty well :) :) :) :) :)

  • Yes life should be illegal

    Bad things are illegal and life is bad there for life should be illegal ok now this is just to fill space ok have a good day just kidding you are committing a crime in my eyes by being alive so yeah and i am an alien so i am ok to be alive

  • I yes um

    LIfee should be ilegall because I said so I think that maybe we should change laws amnd yea anyWAY YEA this is to fill the space and yes um hon ghell i like cake abut not loife yes i need 12 words e-wor wnrks dkwb ejmfnjebdjkene djj encj dher dnj

  • Life should be illegal

    Global warming has been sped up by human activity, And the impact of a meteor or asteroid hitting the earth would bear little affect since there would be no living things to be affected. Poverty would no longer exist and depression and suicide rates would drop to zero. Life should be illegal.

  • Its Skynet 2020

    Robots and AI would be the only things that can survive they are not living.
    Do you want a robot war where the humans are driven to extinction and all life get terminated?

    And beside people brake the law all the time. Even suicidal people do not kill themselves on the whim they want to live.

  • People can't help it if they are alive

    Life should not be illegal because
    a) If life where illegal, The law makers, The law enforcement, And every plant /animal/ person on earth would be breaking the law.
    And b) Because people can't help it if they are alive. Every living creature on earth has a strong instinct to keep itself alive, And it would be blindly arrogant to assume we know better than the instincts that have kept this planet running smoothly for some four and a half billion years.

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