• Yes, life extension should be part of gerontology.

    Yes, understanding life extension techniques will benefit all of us. Life extension should be open to those who are interested in extending their lifespan. It is an idea that is gaining attention because our medical knowledge has advanced over the years and it is now possible, at least in theory, to extend a human being's life through artificial means.

  • Yes, life extension is a morally acceptable persuit

    Attempting to extend the length of an organisms life boils down to survival at it's most basic level. The longer a person can be a productive member of a society, the more value can that can be generated by each individual. The more labor a person can perform, the more value they have.

  • Improving Quality and Quantity of Life is Important

    Improving the quality and quantity of life is important to the field of gerontology. Life extension should be a part of mainstream gerontology as medical science, nutrition and lifestyle choices can be made to extend life by 10 to 20 years beyond the norm in all parts of the world. It's only a matter of time before the average life expectancy in America is above 90 and it approaches 100 by the year 2100.

  • It is part of good health.

    Yes, life extension should be part of mainstream gerontology, because preserving life is one of the most important parts of medical treatment. Each person has different goals when they seek medical treatment. Some want to preserve life. Others just want to manage pain. Those to want to extend life should have the option to do what they can to stay alive.

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  • No not really.

    I do not think life extension should be something we are mainly concerned about right now. I think we need to worry about more important things like maintaining the earth, helping animals, and stopping diseases. Afterwards we can look into extending life for people and how to go about that.

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