Should life primarily revolve around serving others?

Asked by: Luciano700
  • We would live in a better world.

    If you serve others they will become inspired to help someone else creating a chain reaction that can spread all across the world. If everyone has the help they need the world will be a better place. It would be full of kinder people who care about each other. It would no longer be about who wins the next election and how you can become famous. But more about making the place we live in a nice community where people want to be.

  • My son have

    You heard of jesus christ our lord and savior quite a while ago the smiling young man was nailed to the cross to forgive all of our sins and every night i pray to him thanking him for everything hes done for us now of course you must remember when our american ancestors came to america long ago about a third of them sought religious freedom and came to america, The promised land if you will they had slaves and it was all part of gods divine plan you see without slaves progress would have been stunted for who knows how long and there would be no america and without america both world wars would have been lost that would be most unpleasant so in the end serving others is a divine privilege and i so long for the days before abraham whats his face violated the first amendment

  • It's Just Nice!

    We are one of the others! Serving others is technically serving ourselves! And, When we serve others, We feel good for our whole life! Honestly, It's so obvious I'm surprised 63% say no. . . But the world is how it is. So that's it, Folks! Serving others is technically serving ourselves.

  • People need people Help is the another kindness for mercy

    There is no need to help other, These kind of thinking r of a lunatic person.
    If a person not helpful to other in his whole life even in small value of work he/she is lame, Unworthy human being which has none of existence in these world.
    It's better to be helpfull for other rather then doing nothing like a jobless

  • Live for yourself

    Everyone should live for themselves. Living to serve others is no good. It's pointless. Why devote your life to serving everyone else? What have they done for you? Why is their happiness more important than your own? People who dedicate their lives to serving others and make sacrifices for the sake of other peope shouldn't be admired; they are pitiful. You should live for yourself and strive to achieve happiness for yourself, Even if it means taking it away from someone else.

  • No, Just not worth it.

    INTJ here and I have to say this.

    1. Don't feed every dog you see suffering because those suffering dogs might just need energy to attack you.

    2. It's every man for himself, Don't put your energy into other people because they'll take advantage of you.

    3. Life is A Competition.

  • Help, Not serve.

    My job requires me to help customers but it is not even the primary part of my job. Because I do my job for pay, It's not like even working for the company is my personal goal but it does help pay for it. If you haven't guessed, My primary goals revolve around myself. To make my life better. Along the way, I tend to help others who need it like friends, Family, Co-workers, And a few people I know little about. Thing is, If I don't help myself, I wouldn't be able to help others. If we look at some of the biggest contributors to charities, They are usually the ones with the most money so they obviously helped themselves first.
    There are some people who devote at least part of their lives to the service of others like our soldiers. I would also hope that those who we elect are there for our service and not just their own.

  • Your Happiness Matters

    Life should be about doing what makes you happy, Not bending over backwards to serve others. People constantly manipulate and use people, Making other feel bad for not being at their constant beck and call. Just live your life and don’t worry about having to spend all your time pleasing others when they may not even be deserving of it.

  • Ayn Rand says no.

    Why is it always the one way to feel better about oneself is to serve someone else? This makes no sense whatsoever. All people are born with innate freedom and value and they deserve to put their own rational self-interest first, Regardless of what anyone says. You do not get to tell me what to do for your own happiness and pleasure.

  • This goes against every human instinct and desire.

    Every living thing that has ever existed or will ever exist had one major function, Survive. If ever a human has helped another its to help itself as humans are social creatures and live in groups. However humans have gone beyond survival at this point many yearn for greatness, Glory and riches. Human greed will prevent this from working. Most humans will benefit while not giving anything in return. And some will give all their lives and never receive. It may be a good concept but its naive to believe it would work in practise.

  • It's a bit pointless.

    If everyone is doing stuff for everyone else. Everyone might as well be doing their own stuff, If stuff as got to be done. Everyone would still be expending approximately the same amount of energy. So what's the difference. Just sounds like an opportunity for certain lazy bastards to sit around all day doing fu#k all.

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If you want it to.

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