Should life-saving blood transfusions for children be forced by courts, if the parents do not consent?

Asked by: avmh
  • Yes yes yes!

    Obviously the child has no say, therefore the state should step in and force the actions to help the child survive. This makes way for the parents to say to their "God" that they were forced into this "unholy act" and therefore are not actually responsible. Now they can go to heaven.

  • Yes they should

    Parents like this are despicable creatures who don't deserve children ,surely they should be charged with child abuse.To claim your doing it for some religious belief is inanity and surely these people need psychiatric treatment, any judge would be right to insist on forcibly having the children removed from such unworthy parents.

  • Child Abuse Issue

    To deny a child necessary medical care, regardless of religious opinion, is archaic and child abuse. I believe that it is the community's responsibility to care for children that are not being cared for by their biological parents. This opinion seeps into the debate of court mandated blood transfusions when the parent refuses. To not intervene would be equivalent to seeing a baby left in a basket in the woods, but determining that it was the parent's decision to let the child die (for whatever reason) - and continuing to stroll through the forest without regard to the infant. When a parent has a religious conviction that goes against a life saving treatment for their ill child, they must either be reasoned with or the issue must go into the community's hands. This includes the medical community and court system, to achieve a temporary guardianship like state to assure the welfare of the child.

    Posted by: avmh
  • It's your choice

    I stand by my belief that everyone wants to live, and no one wants to die. A child is under his or her parent's care until they reach the age of 18. When the parent is incapable of making the right decision, of life, we need to step in! Regardless of their religion, the child should never be denied life. The religion of the parents may not be the same of the child.

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