Should Life Sentence Prisoners (Murderers/Molesters/Etc.) Be Used For Biological Testing of New Drugs?

Asked by: JWH99
  • Yes in America

    When your imprisoned your a slave to the state. You should be to service of whatever the Government want you to do. Prisons are humans but are no longer persons in accordance to the law. Now let's make some super villians or heroes and cure cancer. Yay for scientific advancement!

  • Assuming it is a violent offense, I see no reason to give them any form of respect.

    I think someone who rapes or murders someone officially has forfeited all right to be treated like a person. In what world should they not suffer equally to those whom pain they inflicted? Also, scientifically speaking, it would give humans a way to test drugs and such much more effectively than on animals that have different reactions to chemicals than us.

  • They would give us more accurate results for drugs, instead of using rats.

    It's quite simple. Take the prisoners, test the drugs once they've been tested on other organisms, and test it on them. The data would be much more reliable and consistent, and we would not need general population volunteers for testing. Why not? The only thing standing in the way of this being real life are certain laws.

  • I'm surprised the yes results are so low

    A murder and a rapists takes someone life and soul away, why give them any freedom? America prisons are already pretty easy, so why not save the innocent animals from being tests and test on monsters who deserve it instead? I don't see any wrong in that. Murderers and rapists have no human rights, they took away someone else's right and soul.

  • Prisoners are human but what did the Animals do to have to suffer?

    I believe the prisoner did something to cause for them serving a life sentence. But what if they lets say killed your son or daughter? Still think they should live peacefully with out suffering? Now think what did the rabbit, dog, cat exc. Do to you? Nothing they were taken from familys and torcured.

  • They are still dead

    They still die in those prisons omg this is so much better than poor hurting test animals and you might say its inhumane but really im doing a speech on this in English no seriously it's bilingual and all anyway you guys say it's inhumane right well the same is true with test animals SO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What'll happen to medicine future?

    Human rights" say not to kill people;do not make them suffer;they have their own rights etc...So we'll stop using people for pharmaceutical trials even in volunteering which is anyway unfair or even using prisoners as the opposing says they have rights too. Now what'll happen to medicine?Using poor animals is not sufficient anyway as we need to check it on humans before putting it to the market so now when no humans for trials no development of medicine.

  • They deserve it!

    I agree, if you do something that awful to end up in prison for life then you should be used for testing. If you have hurt and abused others then they should be able to hurt and abuse you but for a good cause. Instead of testing poor innocent animals we should test on the people that have done horrible things. They deserve it, they deserve to suffer like they have made others but they also deserve to suffer more then the animals do.

  • Yes yes yes!

    How can we be hurting animals by running various tests on them, when there are ao many bad people! I mean, serial killers and those that killed someone! Why hurt an innocent animal, when there are so many guilty people? I mean the ones that are really guilty. The oned that admitted being guilty or were admitted 100%...
    Hurting an innocent animal is so inhumane.. And those bastards proved that they have no humanity, so why shouldn't we run tests on them instead of animals?...

  • Essentially screw these a**holes.

    Hey if you are in prison in America for life it means you got caught a few too many times. America tends to slap people on the wrist and re-release them out into the world, but if you are actually sentenced to life in prison, you must have messed up. This is not for small offenses, if you are doing life you killed or so severally hurt someone you deserve it.

  • How we treat people we have power over is a significant measure of our own humanity.

    You know how they say not to continue dating a person if they are nasty to the waitress? The idea there is that if this person treats people they deem inferior to themselves poorly, then you run the risk of being treated poorly once they feel they have control over you, as in the case of a marriage or joint financial situation. The very basic principle we learn from this is that the way you treat people over whom you have power is indicative of how good or evil you are.
    We lock up our most evil members of society in cages to protect the rest of us from them. But by doing so, we also render them very vulnerable. We have power over them in every way but free thought. If we began to use their bodies for experimentation which will inevitably create situations of pain and suffering in the realm of cruel and unusual, we have proved ourselves to be just as bad as they are. The murderer saw an opportunity to gain something by victimizing the person they killed. We see an opportunity to gain knowledge by victimizing them with drug trials. The rapist saw a vulnerable woman and took advantage of her. We see a man who can't stop us because he is in chains, and we take advantage of him. How we treat our prisoners, the very bottom feeders we don't even deem worthy of living among us, is a testament to the kind of people we are; that we show mercy even to our worst enemies. When we stop showing that mercy, we will grow to accept the very darkness within ourselves that we locked these people up for to begin with.

  • Nope, we have better options

    I think the inhumane excuse of human filths who voted on the Yes side of this debate, should instead be used as lab rats. We already have too many close minded imbeciles on Earth, particularly in America

    It would also be doubly great if those on the Yes side are ever falsely accused and convicted of murder/rape/molestation

  • It would make no biological sense

    Prisoners forced to take drugs would develop lots of adverse responses just because of stress, and that alone would make testing useless.
    It would also be wildly unethical, given that the effects of new drugs are kinda unpredictable and possibly deadly (and killing a prisoner forcing him to take a drug is death sentence)

  • They are human beings too.

    Just because murderers committed a terrible crime doesn't mean they can be tested on potentially harmful drugs. This is just inhumane! I also suppose that you can torture prisoners too and feed them with poison because of their crime. These prisoners might have been framed, too, so testing drugs on them would be a terrible idea!

  • No. It is inhumane.

    During phase II- IV of clinical trials, only patients suffering from the disease are tested with the new drugs. This allows us to find out the efficacy of the drugs to the disease. Therefore prisoners who do not have the disease cannot be subjected to the testing of the drugs. It is inhumane to carry out such experiments. In the past, some experimentations were still carried out e.g. Guatemala syphilis experiments. The prisoners were deliberately infected with syphilis, and were tested with different experimental treatments and resulted in at least 83 deaths. ( cited from
    The Nazi and Japanese human experimentations showed the cruelty of human experimentation. When we dehumanise other people, much like what the Nazis and Japanese did during the war, there are no telling of what atrocities could occur. (http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Nazi_human_experimentation, )
    We have progressed so far, please don't let Man regress.

  • Just inhumane to do this.

    This would be inhumane on my part and everybody that voted 'no' that this is horrible. Even though in foreign countries they put these types of prisoners in acid to teach them a lesson, and it is there right they can do that, these actions are caused by mental illnesses and childhood problems.

  • No. Being forcibly tested to determine a new pharmaceutical drug's side-effects is illegal and unconstitutional.

    Absolutely not! Prisoners have human rights. They cannot be forcibly tested against their will to test for the effects of a new pharmaceutical drug. In each and every case, these new FDA-unapproved drugs can only be tested on human patients when they permit it--and even then the drug has to demonstrate a genuine possibility at working (such as with laboratory experiments using animals).

    Prisoners cannot be used against their will to test for the effects of a new unapproved drug.

  • Prisoners are human too..

    Just because they are prisoners who are serving a life sentence, still doesn't make it right to use them for tests. For starters, these prisoners are humans as well, just like all of us who aren't serving life sentences. There are other alternatives that can be used, instead of using fellow human beings.

  • NOT if its forced

    If you want to offer these inmates better accommodations in exchange for these tests I'm all for it. BUT forcing this would be unethical, because the inmate could turn out not to be guilty and then if they got hurt you would be responsible. If its voluntary they can sign a contract waving your liability.

  • Mentalities are a condition NOT an excuse

    At what point does any person have a right to declare a body void of its soul and subsequently turn them into a so called guinea pig or lab mouse?
    Tell me when any scientist/biologist has ever had all the answers or was anything more than a wandering eye itching to learn that has attempted to combat nature to glorify their own significance???

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