• Yes, Linant should have used material from the pyramids to build the dams

    In an effort to save many lives, it would have been wise for Linant to have used the ample material offered by the monstrous pyramids. They really did not serve any sort of real structural purpose except as oversized grave markers (or, as some suggest, beacons for extraterrestrials). More attention should be paid to the living than the dead.

  • Linant should have just used the pyramids

    Linant should have just used the pyramids to build the dams. This is because there is more than one way to accomplish a task, but there are usually very few actual solutions that are worth the risk. For an operation to work, all sides should be looked at before jumping in.

  • Linant did a noble thing by saving the pyramids.

    Linant's preparing of the false report to keep the pyramids alive was an intelligent decision executed in an intelligent way. Why would anyone want to destroy monuments that took thousands of man hours and large sums of money for the sole reason of making a new project easier? Although the viceroy was looking at this plan from an economic angle, Linant realized the cultural significance of the pyramids and was aware their destruction would not be appreciated by the public. They were landmarks in society, still one of the seven wonders of the world, and it is deplorable to imagine their destruction for a different project that (unknowingly at the time) destroys ecosystems.

  • Linant made a wise decision

    The pyramids are a connection to humanities past. More than a symbol of Egyptian power and glory they symbolise the genius of human engineering and architecture. The decision that Linant took of not using the pyramids to build dams was both wise and farsighted because preservation of the pyramids far outweighs the constructing of dams.

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