• Hollywood Misses Historic Opportunity to Deal with American Freedom and American Slavery

    In its choice of Argo as Best Film, Hollywood has once again shied away from the most monumental story in American history, that of our struggle over slavery and freedom. How often has Hollywood ever done a film on American slavery and the price the nation has paid for enslaving 8-10 million people? Instead of finally acknowledging how deep the struggle over freedom and slavery has divided the nation, we ended up instead with an academy award to a film that offered us a monumental, (albeit fascinating) footnote to history rather than our nation's most monumental and far-reaching struggle with itself. Not to mention that Argo was horribly historically inaccurate and portrayed, in the words of the Canadian ambassador, the Canadians as "inn keepers" and elevated Ben Affleck's character way beyond his true role. The final scene at the airport was entirely fabricated and felt entirely phony -- the Americans left without a problem. Moreover, the film's use of the story boards didn't even use the real Argo storyboards done by the celebrated Jack Kirby, the co-creator of so many Marvel Super Hero characters who receives no credit. Finally, Argo didn't receive a leading actor nomination or a director's nomination. It was a simple case of overcorrection for snubbing Afleck as director and a self-congratulatory film about Hollywood's historic role in this CIA operation. Leave it to Hollywood to congratulate itself over a tantalizing footnote in history while once again ignoring an epic film about America's most historically epic struggle.

  • Yes, it is an all-around classic

    The film will go down in history as an epic, like a Schindler's List because it shows the inspirational story of a real person. The superb acting of Daniel Day Lewis and the excellent research that went into the original book by Doris Kearns Goodwin are two of the reasons it will win.

  • Not as a shoe-in.

    Lincoln is a fine movie, but it has a few historical inaccuracies. Minor ones, but still. Even so, it's a great movie but there is a lot of competition in the great movie category this year. It should not win simply because it's a historical piece of work about America. It should be judged right alongside the other great ones that are out there being considered this year. If it does win, fine. But an automatic win because of what it is? No.

  • Boring movie.

    Was way too long and drawn out. Most of the people fell asleep. I labored to stay awake. Ending was particularly enraging because it cut to Lincoln bleeding out dead. Not that great of a film all together. Could've been great but truly a missed opportunity. I wrote more in detail on my blog about it The Rational Brew.

  • Lincoln Should Not Win It

    I think Lincoln is a great movie but it should not win the Oscar for best picture. I believe that title should belong to Beasts of the Southern Wild. It was easily the best movie to come out last year. Everyone I know that has watched it had nothing but positive things to say about it.

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