Should little girls be allowed shirtless at pools and beaches as a sign of gender equality?

Asked by: Rendersen22
  • It is great way to show equal rights.

    They do not have breasts yet and have the same chests as boys. It gives them a chance to cool down the same way boys do by just not wearing a shirt. It grants them the same opportunities essentially. There is nothing inappropriate with girls merely wearing bathing suit bottoms without a shirt.

  • Young girls looks like young boys at the top, Freedom is important

    Young undeveloped girls who don't even have visible breast developed yet, Should be allowed topless in any public settings. Those young girls would look just like young boys on their top anyways, There should be no sexual temptation issues.
    Reasonable freedom, Without any direct conflict or harm to others, Is best and very important for human life quality.

    Nay-sayers are just excessively controlling strict tyrants who loves to control other peoples behavior for their own ideals. Nature is naked, Just accept it!

  • What people voting "no" are pointing out:

    Many people on the other side of the argument are pointing out is that perverts exist who'll molest a young shirtless girl. I struggle to find how that is different from the common sexist claim that women get raped because of what they wear: it is not their fault! Little girls whose chests are as flat as boys' should not be required to cover up any more than other boys. So many people are saying no they shouldn't be allowed to because it protects them but really you're just crippling their rights and making boys more entitled. The truth is that a messed up person who'll molest a young girl will do it whether she is shirtless or not. That's the actual problem that needs to be fixed.

  • I don't see anything wrong about it. After all, They are ๐—ธ๐—ถ๐—ฑ๐˜€.

    Seeing children, May it be a girl or a boy, Naked is common in my country. Here, We don't sexualize ๐—ฐ๐—ต๐—ถ๐—น๐—ฑ๐—ฟ๐—ฒ๐—ป.

    When we were born, We didn't care about society or what they have to say. We cried so loud in public places but we didn't care. Some of us even approached strangers. As we grew up, We were taught to act in a certain way. We were taught to dress properly, To be neat and tidy, And to behave. We learned from our experiences, What's embarrassing and what's not. We avoided doing what was embarrassing. As we reached puberty, We went through changes, Both mentally and physically. Now, The sense of wonder and innocence that we had when we were little was ๐—ด๐—ผ๐—ป๐—ฒ.

    While I do think that young girls are free to do this, I do not support the whole "going-out-in-the-public-shirtless-to-prove-something" movement. Do whatever you want, But doing that won't raise women's wages so that they're equal to their male counterparts (in other words, It doesn't change anything).

    P. S. : I get that you are challenging standards set by the society that women have to "cover up", But that's for another time and debate. :)

  • Because you know this is stupid

    Look in many places women are allowed to walk around with their boobies showing and that should be legal too what in gods name is the big deal let them walk around stark naked if they want i do not care, What sort of uptight society is this anyways? It is so silly why hide them?

  • Women aren't objects

    Encouraging pre-pubescent girls to cover their breasts is essentially sexualising their bodies when they haven't even hit puberty yet. The objectification of women must stop. Women are more than sexual objects for men to leer at for their own pleasure, So girls- celebrate your bodies and REPORT any prying eyes!

  • I could care less

    If the child in question is under the age of 10 or hasn't reached the age of puberty, Sure! You can hardly tell the difference between a little boy and a little girl at that age, But in no way should it be a sign of 'gender equality. ' I could care less if a child wants to do that, But don't encourage it or praise them for it. The fact that a girl wearing a shirt or not is a social issue is crazy. Encouraging little girls to not wear a shirt at the pool could cause them to think it is okay to keep doing, Which it's not. Girls are not oppressed for having to wear shirts at the pool the same way boys are not oppressed for having to wear shorts to hide their willies.

  • Yes itโ€™s just natural

    Some people say it shouldnโ€™t be allowed because it is inappropriate just let the little girls be shirtless ok and yes I think that beaches and pools should allow little girls to be shirtless as a sign of gender equality ok so yeah my final answer is yes bye bye

  • Little girls breast are not even grown

    So they are allowed to be shirtless until the age of 7 or 8 due to puberty.
    And than when your a parent and you like a 5 or 10 year old boy and a little girl asks you can I be shirtless just like my big brother and if you say no then you little girl might think its unfair and start crying and you need to have your body tanned in clouding your chest. P, S
    have your little girl between aged 8 or 10 and teach her how to do in arm bar to defend her from bullying and wrestling

  • Everyone has nipples. What makes girls any different?

    If boys feel uncomfortable and it or if they can't control themselves, That's not her fault. Boys should be raised to know how to respect girls, And if they can't, That's his fault, Not hers. Even girls going through puberty and budding, And fully mature girls should be able to. Again, Everyone has nipples. And honestly, Since guys have bigger breasts than some women.

  • Public nudity isn't granted to men so why is it granted to women

    Claiming "equal rights" on this subject is really the opposite from the truth. Men are not allowed to go around nude so why should women? The claim of men being shirtless so women should be is not a good comparison. The fact is the male and female bodies are different. Men don't have a genital part on there chest, But women do. Saying girls can be shirtless is saying girls can be nude but men can't. This IS NOT equality.

  • It just confuses little boys and girls

    This will just confuse little boys later in life. They will think that it is ok for girls not to wear anything. It is Just a bad idea in my opinion. It also will probably confuse girls to think that they do not need to wear anything. Recipe for disaster.

  • They can do it, Just not under the title "equal right"

    I am no doubt an advocate for equal rights and I have no intention to diss the movement, But girls should be able to do it in the name of being able to do what they want. I do not believe it to be obscene or improper, Just don't know if it is necessary to say it is being done in the name of equal rights.

  • This shouldn't be allowed in my opinion.

    If girls grow up thinking that having their shirt off they will not be able to learn that it's not something that adult women do. Not to mention if we let young girls do this gives pedophiles the chance to do their business in the open and in the public.

  • This shouldn't be allowed

    This shouldn't be allowed as showing nudity in front of a beach or public is highly inappropriate and it is the same thing as saying a woman showing her private parts as if it is normal, In my opinion this shouldn't be allowed having random shirtless girls running around a beach or public place

  • No Way, This should not be allowed

    It is wrong to let young girls grow up thinking nudity in public is a normal thing. Let us also be realistic about the fact that this will expose them to a higher risk of being sexually harassed at a young age. This shouldn't even be a topic of gender equality because it is like saying girls should stand up to pee because boys do it too.

  • It's not appropriate.

    Tho the term "little girls" is a bit vague as it could mean anything from an infant to a shorter woman, That is still irrelevant. Any time a female is in public, They should be dressed appropriately for their age and physical gender. Dressing as your physical gender is no more unequal as being your physical gender. It's like telling black kids that your not equal to white kids if you don't straighten your hair.

  • Well yes but there are sick people in the world

    I support equal rights and everything but sadly there are people that like to see underage girls shirtless. Also, If that girl is young enough, It could cause her to think it is okay to be shirtless in public later in life. That could be a problem because that girl can be charged with public nudity.

    Posted by: VCTG
  • No, It will cause issues later in life.

    Whether or not little girls and little boys start out the same, They will eventually grow up and change and become different. The genders are equal, And girls not being allowed to go topless is not a sign of gender inequality. Teaching little girls that wearing shirts makes them lesser is simply wrong and could cause issues later in life.

  • No this should not be allowed

    All around the world there are sick people who might get a kick out of seeing a little girl shirtless. Not only this your teaching your little girl that it is okay to go around shirtless which could cause problems later on in life. This is not okay at all.

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