• I have a little girl

    She is very little, about 2 years old. She already got laid at the age of 1. I enjoyed it very much. I only did it because she looked hot in the lipstick. I was afraid that other kids would do it so i did her first. SO unless you don't want to get laid, then don't wear lipstick

  • I have a daughter

    She is very beautiful especially with her red lipstick. It is super cute and brings them boys to our yard. If she doesn't where the lipstick then no boys would ask her out. The question is: Would you want to stay single for the rest of your life? No. Lipstick is a type of makeup and i'm sure that a lot of people use make up.

  • I don't think there is anything wrong with it.

    If a little girl wants to wear red lipstick, let her do it! There's no real problem with it. Plus, explaining to a little girl why she shouldn't wear red lipstick would be very hard and awkward; little girls don't understand that they can be judged for their looks and are generally very innocent (though I do know of a sinister 2nd grade girl :P). Makeup is a thing of fantasy and interest to some little girls, and those girls would love to feel like princesses. Don't deter them from doing what they want to do.

  • Come on people!

    HONESTLY it's a LIPSTICK that happens to be RED, if you think it's ment to be "sexy" and it harms a little girls innocents! You've got to be kidding me! "Gets men to look her way" REALLY? Well, that's their problem not the girl who's wearing it's problem.

    And. If she's to young to be wearing red lipstick because it's a "sexy woman thing" when she's way to young for you to be sexualising her.
    Disgusting, it's makeup, let the youth express themselves how ever they like, makeup or not.

  • It makes them pretty while generally not needing it

    Its a nice incentive on their smooth young lips. Young girls wearing lipstick personifies an adult image in that little girls are interested in the adult world. Little girls want to grow up faster so they see wearing lipstick is a way to do it because mommy does it though women do it because puberty made them not as appealing as they were at that child age.

  • What's More Dangerous: Sexualization or Red Lipstick?

    If a little girl wants to wear red lipstick, for Pete's sake let her! It's not her problem if she's "sending the wrong message" because first of all, she's a little girl! Second of all, people shouldn't be sexualizing her anyway. In all honesty, NOBODY should be sexualized by anyone. If people are going to sexualize a little girl for wearing red lipstick, then what's the real problem here? Also, if you or anyone else is going to keep a little girl from wearing red lipstick just because you are sexualizing her, you have a bigger problem and shouldn't be shaming the color on a little girl's lips. It's pretty obvious that sexualization happens pretty much all the time nowadays, but that doesn't mean that people who get sexualized should be the ones to be put out of their comfort zone for the convenience of the people who do the actual sexualizing. Rather than teaching a little girl to not wear red lipstick or to keep her skirts long, boys (and girls) should be taught that girls (and boys) are not sexual objects.

  • Yes they should

    There is nothing wrong on using an especific color of lipstick at certain age. It's their life and they can do whatever they want as long as they are not hurting anybody which they are not, so yes they can use red lipstick what's the difference? They are going to remove it suddenly, nothing permanent nothing serious.

  • Sure, why not?

    Sure, parents shouldn't force young girls into red lipstick, but if a young girl wants to express herself that way and thinks it's pretty, then why not? Red lipstick isn't necessarily sexual and certainly will not read that way to a young girl. My stance isn't that young girls *should* wear lipstick, but that they can and should be allowed if they want.

  • Red lipstick is meant for older women.

    Young girls wearing red lipstick can give off the wrong idea to most people. Many times, older women, or even teenagers, wear red lipstick to look appealing to men. Young girls should not be looking for this kind of attention, nor should they be getting this kind of attention. So, my answer is no, young girls should not wear red lipstick.

  • Little girls should not be trying to impress the boys

    Little girls should be worried about who stole their crayons, if mom will find out about you raiding the cookie jar, or if their mom will buy more juice boxes. I am currently 13 and sure I wear eye liner and eye shadow, but it's because of my low self esteem. I don't want the boys to notice me. Plus, red lipstick is prostitute lipstick

  • Little girls wearing red lipstick is crazy.

    I think that girls of a young age should not be wearing red lipstick because to me red is bright bold and asking for attention and I don't think that young girls need to be sending out this kind of message to anyone. It totally destroys the image of young girls and changes the views of so many people. This is an example of why older people seem to think that young children, especially teenagers, are so bad.

  • They are children

    They are children, they should enjoy the time they have because as an adult all we do is wish and hope to be a child again. I am so sick of parrents thinking its ok to do this, like honey boo boo and toddelers for tiaras its all so sickening.

  • It is bad for u

    They will end up wearing makeup to school and it is bad for their skin. They look good anyway. Someone I know is 10 and wears a full face of makeup. It wasn't even her own skin colour. Maybe at home but not in public. It also costs money, and they may not even use it

  • Our children are beautiful.

    I have two daughters both are exuiguisit. I can say at 14 and19 they don't wear a lot of make up. However when they do for a dinner or event, there still is no red lipstick. Why does a baby need to makeup? Unless its playing dress up, which it is what it is. Playing!! Pretending to be a grown up.Our kids grow up so fast,.Why push it?

  • No, children should not be encouraged to use makeup.

    Little girls should not be encouraged to use makeup like red lipstick, although they may sometimes for "playing dress-up." Girls should be encouraged to discover unique aspects of their personalities, and devote their time and thought to things like playing, arts and crafts, reading, and other activities. Being too concerned about appearances very early on in life may keep them from realizing how special and unique they are, just as they are.

  • Too much sexualization, let kids be kids

    Even though I believe that little girls are princesses and should be treated in a relevant way, I don't approve of using make-up, red lipsticks in particular, at an early age, The point is that we, people of the current generation, sexualize everything, there is literally no ads without seductive, naked girls. The world is trying to convince us that people must ooze with sex, that everything should be considered from the view of sex. So, when it comes to little ladies, they become aware of this trend too early. Red lips have always been inevitably associated with sexy, attractive, mature women, vampire ladies. No matter how times have changed, but red is a signal-colour: it is bright and draws men's attention. Primarily women started to use the red lipstick in order to be in the centre of attention, this colour is often worn for dates. You, of course, can say that today people don't refer to red lips as something sexy, but even on the level of human subconscious perception red is the colour of desire.

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