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  • No, health should be its own reward.

    A person's health should be his or her reward for choosing a healthy lifestyle.That being said, some people are definitely rewarded through insurance if they do certain things to help lead a healthier lifestyle, so some people are rewarded. Healthy people also will have less medical bills, at least while they're young. But getting monetary rewards other than that seems excessive and a bit silly, because people should want to living healthily on their own, without bribery involved.

  • It has its own rewards.

    No, living in a healthy manner should not entitle one to monetary rewards, because healthy living is a reward unto itself. A person who lives in a healthy way will have a body that will last longer. A person who lives in a healthy way will likely not suffer death from poor choices.

  • No, nobody should ever be entitled to anything based only on their personal choices.

    If a person decides to live in a healthy manner, that is something that brings it's own costs and rewards to the individual. However, if a person, business or other entity wishes to reward such behavior strictly for their own reasons--and not as a form of entitlement--there is nothing wrong with that. What cannot be allowed is for such personal rewards and costs to become a form of entitlement, as this would produce obligations that could potentially harm others.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe living healthy entitles a person to monetary rewards. I believe the problem with this suggestion is the fact that there is no one that's going to pay you to take care of yourself. Essentially, this act is one that is good for the person, but can only be done for the benefits that are reaped naturally.

  • Not at all

    No, living healthy should not get you any type of rewards in the form of money and gifts. Living healthy should be simply to get you back into a good shape and should get you to where you are living a healthy life that will last for a long time.

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