• A Living Wage Violates Autonomy

    Living wage laws are unethical because they force employers to pay more than what they want or need to. It violates the basic principle of freedom. Governments have no right to force employers to impose on employers right to control their business. There are more moral ways to get people jobs and out of poverty.

  • No, living wage laws should be increased.

    The right to a living wage should be a guaranteed right to anyone who is willing to work, and a living wage, or minimum wage, needs to be raised in order to match inflation and the cost of living in general. Every person should be able to live without worrying about food or heat.

  • Living wage laws should not be abolished.

    Living wage laws should not be abolished. Within our society, our "standard of living" is annually increasing, and it should be within our business owners' best interest to ensure their employees are able to survive and live up to this standard. After all, employees devote more than 40 hours of their week to the productivity of such corporations, and without the assurance of survival, how can they continue to do their job?

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