Should lobbying groups be allowed to fund political parties?

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  • Lobbying Groups Have Enough Influence Already

    Lobbying groups should stay independent of political parties because they already have influence over American politics. Everyday, Congress is bombarded with people who want a say in some law or some policy. Those people get paid very well to have the ears of lawmakers. The individual voter must have some say left in the goings on in Washington or our republic form of government is doomed.

  • No, lobbying groups should not be allowed to fund political parties.

    I believe that lobbying groups should not be allowed to fund political parties. Why? It is my belief that when you bring money into politics it corrupts. For example: say you are running for office, you personally believe that every person should be allowed to marry. One day during your political campaign you are asked to kill a pro-equality bill supporting a belief that only straight, Christian people should have the right to marry. Do you take the money and support a bill that goes against your personal beliefs but let your campaign suffer due to lack of funds? When it comes to politics money should not waiver a persons beliefs for financial gain. When we support lobbying we support corrupted politicians and tell people that it is ok to let go of what is important to you for a few dollars.

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