Should local districts have more (yes) or less (no) control over school curricula?

  • Local Districts to Dictate Education

    Local districts should have slightly more influence in dictating the educational curriculum of schools within their boundaries. The fact of the matter is that these districts have little say in such manners, but they should be able to impart local history into schools. Therefore, they deserve more say in curriculum.

  • Give them more

    What have the standardized versions of things we use now given us? Teachers that are actually with their specific students, in their communities and to some degree being a part of their lives must have a better idea of what will benefit specific groups of students than the larger government. It's worth a shot, what exactly are we risking losing?

  • They should have less.

    I think that local districts should have less control over school curricula because many districts don't really care about the children. Many districts are corrupt and will do whatever it takes to cut costs and keep more for themselves. I think there needs to be a nationwide standard of curricula that is taught.

  • Too may religious crazies on local school boards.

    Nope. I don't think that any local districts should have control over school curricula. We have a problem here in the United States with schools picking and choosing based not on the educational interests of their children, but the religious and political ideology of the school board members. A national curriculum is the best way to go.

  • No, Less control.

    School districts should have less control over the school curriculum not more. They already do not do very well so I think at this point it should be decided upon the teachers because they know their students and see how they handle different type of work. Some teachers probably would do better.

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