• Refugees need to be supported at every governmental level

    Refugees are under attack in this country. People from Donald Trump to the Average Joe are blaming them for America's problems. This means that local governments need to intervene in order to protect this group of people. They're already vulnerable enough as it is, given that they have come into this country as a way to flee disasters in their homeland.

  • Yes, I think so.

    As such, the federal, state, and local consultation process is the cornerstone of the refugee resettlement process. To be sure, representatives from state and local governments are the best suited to discern the potential impact of refugee placement. Influxes of refugees may easily overwhelm an already overburdened community's social services and health care agencies, diminish the availability of affordable housing and job opportunities, and strain the capacity of local school districts to meet the needs of existing or anticipated student populations

  • Yes, local governments should increase security for refugees.

    Yes, local governments should increase security for refugees, and more refugees should be welcome in this country. People who are suffering overseas should always feel like they have a home in the United States. That is what makes this country so great. It is open to everyone, no matter what.

  • They have enough security.

    Refugees are not often the targets of attacks. It is far more common for the refugees to be the ones attacking. Refugees have adequate housing, access to schools and free medical care. Citizens do not have bodyguards, so refugees should not be allowed to have them, either, especially at public expense.

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