Should local police agencies use drones for law enforcement?

  • I laughed

    at the guy who said that it takes away your rights. Check yourself before you wreck yourself bro... Police have many other means of spying on you and invading your privacy. A drone is a very non-effective method of intelligence gathering. What a drone can do is boost the police forces firepower (not that they need it). Drones are also very costly and therefore they won't be deployed en masse against the public in some sort of big brother is watching fashion.

  • Yes, drones could help.

    This stance depends on how the drones are employed to help local law enforcement. Drones could be used as another set of eyes on the streets, especially in a bad neighborhood where being a police officer is more of a target on your back and liability than a sign of respect.

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  • NO!

    This is the crux of what all those hippies of the 60's warned us about. Big Brother cannot have access to military drones in law enforcement. That violates privacy, the airspace around the home would be a home invasion, the drones are too costly, and this is an Orwellian concept of tyranny that will never happen.

  • Absolutely not!

    Drones are expensive and will be used to invade privacy. As a citizen, recent legislation forbids me from operating a privately owned drone (if that sounds far fetched, there's a rather large community of hobbyists who have retrofitted their RC vehicles with cameras and auto-pilot circuitry). Our bill of rights forbids unreasonable search and seizure, and since this will only be available to law enforcement it puts them at an unfair advantage and is therefore, IMO, unreasonable.

  • No, It Takes Away Too Many Rights

    The use of drones is too draconian for many people's tastes. Drones have the ability to spy on people and invade privacy without our knowledge and without a legal court order. The police need to protect our rights as citizens before any other priority, and the use of drones seems a little too Big Brother-ish for that.

  • Violation of the 4th Amendment plain and simple.

    I honestly dont think that any government agency should be allowed to operate drones in an official capacity over US soil, but i understand that its a long shot to ban such use. On the subject of law enforcement drone use on the other hand; i do believe that police should be barred by flying them over private property even with a warrant. The only function that im "ok" with them being used is for limited traffic enforcement.

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