• Yes they should

    Yes, I think that a lot of local products would be good to get their funding from the local communities. I think that a lot of the projects that are goin on today are actually funded the the locals, and that it is a good thing so that people help.

  • Yes, I think public financing should fund local projects

    I agree that public financing should fund local projects because that is how we will boost our economy. It will provide the extra dollars we need to invest and create new businesses. If local projects can be accomplished with some extra funding by the public, then that can lead to much bigger things outside the local community.

  • For the good of all.

    Yes, local projects should be funded using public financing, if they can be of use to the general public. Things that are good to fund locally include parks, public roads, and government buildings. There are things that the private sector cannot do well, and for those things, local governments can make good decisions.

  • Yes, I believe local projects should be funded using public financing.

    I believe that as long as the local project is providing a net benefit to the community as a whole then using public financing is perfectly acceptable, If the project is going to be benefiting a private business then I would say that it is not acceptable to be using public financing for that.

  • Of course they should be.

    It's okay to fund projects with public finances. That's what it is there for. And, realistically, it provides jobs for other people, even if they are temporary, and then the money made is again taxed. It's a very good cycle and every decent government needs cycles like this or they fall.

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