• We need lockers!

    At school I have to carry all my heavy, books. My bag double in weight each day, and I have ended up having shoulder and back problems. There ar kids at my school that have bigger bags then themselves. My school thought about having lockers, however then decided to extend th staff rom. What a load of crap, none of the teachers unstand how difficult it is

  • Lockers are a good way to organise stuff.

    You can orginize stuff. You can put the stuff that you dont need in the locker so the stuff takes up less space in you classroom. Lockers are also good for kids to put stuff in and not have to wory about someone stealing there stuff and no one will ba able to take there stuff.

  • Yes they should

    Kids have to carry there backpacks all around the school but if we had lockers kids would only have to carry the stuff that is required of that particular class.Also I'm a student who has to carry a big heavy backpack around my schools campus to get to my class.

  • I say yes! Don't stress

    I think that as students we should have lockers. I think that its not fair for schools to throw this silly parties with their money but then they say they don't have any money when it comes to our benefit. So I think that carrying a 5 to 6 pound bag on your back doesn't help with great studies. So I think that schools should provide lockers so student don't have to hurt their backs.

  • Lockers should be issued in schools.

    Lockers should be issued in schools. I think lockers are vital to students in high school because of the number of books they are issued in their classes. It would almost impossible for the school to expect every student to carry to school every single book all day long. Thus, lockers should be issued to every student.

  • Lockers protect belongings and discourage school theft.

    First of all, I must address the point that not a single school in this world doesn't have a person who will steal something lying out in the open. That is just a fact of life. Lockers encourage students to keep their possessions safe. Not only is this an encouragement to keep belongings safe, it is an opportunity to keep them safe. Taking another student's belongings freely because they are accessibly within reach can be used as a form of taunting another student. Also, unfortunately in the lives of many children, their home situation is not a safe place to keep money, parents, knowing that money can be stolen, will send it with their child to keep it safe from theft. Without a locker, valuables that a family depends on can be stolen. Now, I will address a very large issue with lockers: Shoving. This has always been a nightmare of mine, but now, with new size adjustments, and the ability to open a locker easily from the inside can erase the horror of being sandwiched between gym clothes and two textbooks. Overall, lockers will encourage students to be responsible when keeping belongings safe, will protect valuables, and with new kinds of locks and locker sizes, in some places, it can be virtually impossible to be trapped inside of a locker.

  • Yes schools should

    Yes we have backpacks, but everyone knows over stuffing them can cause damage. It would be easier for students to stay organized and probably keep them from loosing their work. Having lockers would be the best thing and not only would the students be organized, its a fun experience to have lockers.

  • Yes they should

    Lockers should be issued because....They are made to help out the students with the things they have with them...They are use to store away your backpacks and your books...You should have lockers to put books in,so you don't have to drag along trying to rush to class with three to four hard back books that you can drop and that will cost you more time......

  • In some cases

    I don't remember having a locker in elementary school, we might have but even if we did what was the point you were barely assigned anything in ES even today I don't have to take much work home because I get it finished at school. Plus I find it's relatively easier to open a backpack rather than opening a locker, in middle school that's what caused all my tardies

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themohawkninja says2013-12-11T17:28:17.177
Meh. I never used mine, but I don't see why not.
cheyjordan says2013-12-13T21:09:53.627
At my high school, we get lockers as freshmen but no one really uses them. I guess it all depends on how much baggage you have