• It will bring down the number of terminal health issues

    Yes, long term care insurance should be required. It should also be provided by the government. We as a country are far behind the power curve when it comes to health care. If the government provided health care to everyone then the instances of some of these very expensive to treat illnesses would most likely not be as high. This would be due to the preventive health care that would be given before a small problem becomes a large one.

  • Yes, long-term care insurance should be required.

    Long-term care should be included in normal health insurance coverage. Since we are tinkering with the way health care is paid for, we should add long-term care to the list of requirements. Nearly two in three people will require long-term care in old age. At the moment, they are required to pay for this care themselves until their assets run out. At that point, the public pays for this care. This should be included in our health insurance costs.

  • Nothing should be required, freedom of choice.

    Long-term care insurance has no purpose being required. Or what? Fine people? Throw them in prison for not having it? The fact is, some people are more preventive with their care service than others. Some people don't have the money to spend on long-term care insurance, and some people simply feel it to be unnecessary. We should not punish people for having these opinions.

  • No, we need to watch how much require of people.

    No, I do not think long-term care insurance should be required. We have already saddled our seniors with higher Medicare premiums and copays while reducing services. Requiring them to purchase long-term care insurance would just be an added financial burden that most seniors could not afford. It would be different if social security benefits were increased enough to cover the premiums for long-term care insurance.

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