• Yes, there should be no cheats to purchase a gun.

    The sale of any gun needs to be strictly regulated and monitored. There should be no loophole or work around to cheat your way to a gun. If you are a gun enthusiast or a hunter then you will be ready to wait the appropriate time and fill out the appropriate paperwork. If you want the right and privilege to own a gun then you will be willing to make your purchase valid as a way of showing resolve to the legal and safe ownership to the gun. Any time you need a backdoor to get a gun then you are proving you do not need that gun.

  • Immediately

    If we're going to take regulating this seriously then we need to slam the door shut on ways to get around what's already in place that we know exist. This has to be a very yes or no type of item, there should be no gray area in regards to owning a firearm. Either you qualify or you do not, period.

  • Yes, this is the first step in protecting ourselves

    These fire arm loopholes are some of the reasons people with mental illness are able to get their hands on weapons and cause such destruction. What better way to protect the lives of innocent people than to make sure these loopholes no longer exist? Laws are there for a reason, and when we allow such obvious ways to circumvent those laws, we are opening ourselves up to problems.

  • There Should be No Loopholes For Firearms

    Loopholes should not exist when it comes to purchasing guns. Gun Controls needs to tightened and there should be strict rules and regulations for the sale of firearms. Loopholes lead to any and everyone finding them out. This leads to people who should not be in the possession of guns having them.

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