• Yes of Course!

    People gravitate where there are business opportunities and a place to network/meet people. Its the "law of attraction" and "agglomeration economies" at play here. There is no question of "Should Los Angeles become larger…" but rather WHEN.

    The key is smart growth and how Los Angeles plans to develop its infrastructure. Right now downtown L.A. Is going through a renaissance and centralization of our newer towers that will absorb new housing capacity within downtown's major transit hubs is one reflection of L.A.'s smart growth policies.

    No, we don't have to be like New York but just like any other GLOBAL CITY, yes we will become larger and populated. The key is proper planning to absorb our growing communities.

  • They're Not A Like

    I do not believe Los Angeles should become larger and more populated like New York City. Los Angeles currently has a population around 3.9 million and New York City has a population of about 8.3 million in their designated land areas. This of course doesn't include urban sprawl outside of these cities. Los Angeles should not aspire to be like New York because it has a vastly different history than New York. Another problems with this suggestion is the fact that the land in Los Angeles will not tolerate skyscrapers like the bed rock in New York, not to mention its prone to earthquakes.

  • No they should not

    If people continue to go their and populate the area, then their is nothing wrong with that, but I would not say that they necessarily need to become larger. You have a lot of problems with more people coming in when it comes to housing and jobs for the workforce.

  • Los Angeles should not become larger and more populated like New York City.

    There are many disadvantages to being a large city. Los Angeles should not become even bigger, because it will lead to social ills in the city. Rather, in the future, cities should seek to become decentralized and branch out into satellite cities. This will highly improve the quality of life for citizens.

  • Los Angeles Become Larger

    I personally think that Los Angeles is already larger because it has Hollywood, Melrose, as well as more others that makes it a vacational place to go and visit. I personally think that Los Angeles is not a city like New York City it is a state that is large.

  • No, of course not.

    Firstly, why would anyone want Los Angeles to become more populated than New York City? The only way you would be able to do this is to incorporate all of the surrounding cities into Los Angeles, and even then that might not be enough. And it's not like LA is small. It's a massive city.

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