• New York is a strong metropolitan city

    New York is a global marketing city and any place would love to be like minded the way New York is. The economy in New York is very strong and a lot of people flock their in order to live under the bright lights. Los Angeles can learn a lot from New York and help better their economy as well.

  • Los Angeles should not become more like New York

    Why should Los Angeles become more like New York? What is wrong with the way Los Angeles is now? As a New Yorker, I believe that no other State should ever try to be just like us. We have a world of problems here. Every State should be different and unique.

  • Los Angeles should cling to its identity

    Los Angeles differs from New York in some pretty big ways and for really good reasons. The coastal differences alone are enough to establish why they should be different. They are essentially 3000 miles of different culture apart. The environments are drastically different. The winters in New York are harsh and involve snow every year. Los Angeles rarely gets snow. Above all else, the people are different. This is not a "better or worse" situation. The people are just different. Los Angeles should maintain its cultural identity. I'm not sure the world could handle two New Yorks.

  • Uniqueness is good

    LA should not try to become more like New York for several reasons. One is that the culture is quite different so not everything is important. Another is that the build of the city and it's layout is unique, it is more expansive than New York. Finally, originality is good.

  • No, I don't think Los Angeles should become like New York.

    I think that both Los Angeles and New York each have their own personality and should develop in their own independent ways, I think it would be a mistake to have one city try to imitate another city, I think the populations and economies of both cities are very different and the cities should reflect that.

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