• They are a waste of money

    People waste too much money on the lottery where it is almost impossible to win. This makes the poor people even poorer when if they saved up their money they could use it on something useful. Since the probability of winning are so low you are basically gambling your money away. It is a waste of time and money in my opinion.

  • They are making the public fool

    They cannot give thte redult in timeand they make the public fool and as well ads they play the game as they wise. They give the time but they cannot give the result in time. I thing they are playing match fixxing with some one who buying them. If they cannot run by own banned it.

  • Lotteries needs to banned and its waste of money

    These lotteries should be banned as it’s a waste of money. It is not a good part of society. It causes destruction, Chaos, And pandemonium. The money the person wins in a lottery
    is a waste. Peoples' money that they spend on buying lottery tickets can solve so many problems and even wipe out the National Debt. And its a complete scam that takes advantage of people
    in bad situations. It is essentially gambling that goes toward the government. There's essentially a 0% chance of winning and it gives people false hope when in reality, They're paying for a fancy piece of paper. And Yes Ban the lottery.

  • The Lottery is waste

    The Lottery is not a good part of society. It causes destruction, Chaos, And pandemonium. The money the person wins in a lottery is a waste. Peoples' money that they spend on buying lottery tickets can solve so many problems and even wipe out the National Debt. I hate the lottery.

  • Idiots shouldnt be allowed to waste my time

    Let's be real here people who buy lottery tickets are not the Americas best and brightest. They will waste 20 mins of your time to purchase 10 tickets. The worse part is you know for a fact they are not winners so they are wasting your time for nothing, But a dopamine rush when they get an almost win. Its a drug habit without a drug

  • It truly is a waste of money

    I used to work at a gas station where we sold lottery tickets. We barely seold any winners. I used to watch poor people live day by day check to check come in buy cigarettes, Beer and lottery tickets. I once watched a man spend 1, 000 dollars worth of scratch off tickets and he won nothing. The same people over and over again, They are addicted and will never win. It should be banned.

  • Lotteries make people lazy.

    Lotteries make persons mind "Yeah, I could be a rich guy with only one thing of paper, Lottery! " so people will not work on their work and have a rest until they become winner of lottery. So I think lotteries should be banned in a really fast time to not get peoples addicted.

  • f***ing waste of money

    My faggot dad is addicted playing 5 times a day and has waster over £500, 000. Please ban dis shit it’s pushing me the fuck off. And the he makes me buy it for him which I f***ing hate please please please ban dis shit only spastics play this faggot game

  • Lotto takes advantage of the mentally disabled

    Lotto is just a way for the govt to take money from the mentally disabled as only the mentally disabled would play such a game with extremely low odds. The govts purposefully try to get the mentally disabled addicted to these nonsense games where they will literally never win. Please ban this mafia syndicate.

  • It should be done away with

    The odds of winning the lottery, Absolutely for anyone, Is absolutely SLIM TO NONE! I mean, The only people who benefit this ridiculous thing happens to be the government. EVERY SINGLE TIME! It's not worth it! Lives are torn apart by this. It's also the same as drug addiction. You could use that money for BETTER things! Come on!

  • No they should stay

    Lotteries should not be banned because some poor people really want money so much that they want to win lotteries ok and no I think that lotteries should stay and not be banned ok ok ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is no ok ok good bye

  • Not necessarily. But there should at least be an IQ test or something.

    I've heard "lottery" defined as a tax on people who can't do math. It was obviously a joke definition, But it does illustrate a point. You are more likely to die on your way to buying a lottery ticket than you are to win the fabled jackpot. Winners are few and far between. How else would lottery companies make their profit? My mother has bought quite a few lottery tickets, Despite claiming to know the odds. She clearly enjoys it. And she has never won a prize greater than $10.

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  • Dollar dollar bling

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  • They bring in revenue

    No, I do not believe that lotteries should be banned. Lotteries are good source of revenue and it also gives some people that would otherwise never live a better lifestyle a chance to move up on the social ladder. It may become gambling problem for some, but in most cases it is a harmless way of gather revenue and changing some people's lives.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe lotteries should be banned. I believe people enjoy participating in these events in the hopes to win big. Some states have utilized lottery monies to benefit the society in very good ways. An example of this would be Tennessee's use of lottery funds for higher education. These programs do more to help society than the lottery does to harm it, in my opinion.

  • Lotteries give hope for the poor.

    No, lotteries should not be banned. I have quite often been a little bit light on my finances and when I'm feeling exceptionally bad I go and buy a lottery ticket. Just the act itself gives me a little bit of hope that something good might happen financially. Without lotteries poor people don't have much of a chance of ever changing their financial status in this world. Altruistically it could be said that lotteries help fund a lot of programs, but in reality they fund a lot of hope.

  • No, lotteries should not be banned.

    Lotteries should not be banned because they are very useful in raising money and awareness for many different causes. I find it odd that anyone would want lotteries to be banned at all. I think that the educational system benefits dramatically from the lottery system and it would be tragic if it was banned.

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