Should low income individuals be required to buy health insurance?

  • Yes, everyone needs insurance.

    Yes, I think low income individuals should be required to buy health insurance, but I also believe they should receive assistance from the government for both the premiums and the out of pocket amounts. Health care is so expensive that no one can afford it without insurance. I believe everyone needs to be able to obtain health care.

  • Yes, health insurance should be a requirement.

    No matter what your income health insurance should be required. The toll that uninsured or under insured people are having on the economy is tremendous. There are already avenues in place to help low income people from having to pay the full cost of health care themselves. Low income people often don't have a lot of savings making it even more crucial to have heath care.

  • They should pay something.

    Yes, low-income individuals should be required to buy health insurance, because they should have to pay something towards their own health care in order to appreciate what they have. They need to have insurance because they often have health problems that should be treated, rather than just with emergency care.

  • Healthcare should be provided by the government

    Health insurance should be provided by the government. The government has access to all medical records if needed. It also has the necessary funds to make sure the citizens get the best health insurance possible. This will enable the low income individuals to spend money on the things that they really need.

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