Should low income individuals pay their fair share of taxes?

  • Absolutely, positively, YES

    With some skin in the game, lower income individuals would also have an interest in keeping government small and efficient.

    This concept explains perfectly how property taxes are eliminating the ability to change neighborhoods. While the lower income individuals tend to vote with labor organizations that exclude them from openly competing for jobs, the fixed costs that they support are actually harming them in the long run. (they vote for & finance their own exclusion)

    It is too easy to advocate for something when you have no consequences for your actions.

  • They Do Pay Their Fair Share

    I believe many low-income individuals pay their fair share of taxes. Some do not because of tax credits for children and they have procreated for the sole purpose of taking advantage of these credits. The United States government needs to address these issues which often leave more people in poverty.

  • Fair Tax Only Way

    Today is a consumer-based society. The only way to make things fair for everyone is that everyone pays the same taxes. Only they can't be income taxes, but instead we should have a national sales tax based upon consumer spending. Low-income individuals would pay fewer taxes because they spend less money. High-income people pay more taxes since they spend more. That seems fair to me.

  • Yes they should

    People who are low income individuals should pay a certain amount of taxes when it comes down to it. They should pay what they can afford however, we should have a structure that is fair to all people no matter what there income level is but, it should be based off of their income.

  • No they should not

    Low income individuals absolutely should not have to pay as much taxes as the rich people. The rich should pay more to cover the expenses of the low income. The nation could become stronger if they could help the low income and give them sometime to improve so the economy could become beneficial for everyone.

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