Should low income students incur student loans to pay for a college education?

  • Yes they should

    If they do not get the student loan then it would be harder for them to get in to college given the fact that they are low income. So longs as the interest rate is reasonable, the student should at least consider the student loan unless of course he qualifies for a grant.

  • It's the best of a series of bad choices

    Student loan debt is awful. The payments can be really tough to manage and it can limit your life well into your 30's. But, it's a far better choice than being stuck in a series of minimum-wage jobs.

    It might make sense for some low income students to go into trades such as plumbing, or contracting, but those who want a college education should do what it takes to get one.

  • Yes because it can better them

    Low income students should be able to take out loans as well. These loans overall may help them in the long run in the future when they are able to pay them back to where they came from. The loans are giving students the chance to get out of where they are at.

  • Low income students should incur student loans to pay for a college education.

    Students need to pay for their education, no matter what their income is. It would not be fair for low income students to go to college for free while higher income students have to pay. This kind of a system would encourage people to be lazy and it would not work.

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