• LSD should be legal because:

    No one should be able to tell you what you are allowed and not to put in your body.Lsd is the only antisychoric that works!Most people are psychotic with respressed rage and poor self image.We all need this at least once in our lifetime as a rite of passage to enlightening or to know there is more than meets the eye.God bless you all my brothers and sisters!

  • One of the least harmful/dangerous substances

    Unlike dangerous, yet legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco, LSD (and other psychedelics) have actually been proven to be quite safe. They are not addictive at all, in fact they can be used to treat addiction. They are not toxic or harmful to your body, in fact they’re less toxic and lethal than caffeine. It is so hard to overdose LSD, users need to take over 100 times a normal dose to actually have a chance of dying. I believe that people should have the freedom to use these substances in a safe environment, as they have so much beneficial effects and make you a kind, open minded person. It just doesn’t make sense to be considered a criminal for consuming psychedelics. If taken in a simple, yet responsible way, it is practically impossible to cause harm to yourself or others under the influence of any psychedelic. That’s why LSD and other psychedelics should be legalized.

  • LSD should be legal.

    I think it is crazy that LSD is a schedule 1 substance. It has almost no chance to bring any bad physical effects to a person and it is one of the least addictive drugs out there. It can also help for a person's spiritual growth in my opinion. It made me see the world in a different way.

  • Clinical trials needed

    LSD has the potential to really be an awesome experience and a big paradigm shift. Also, the way it works on the brain is so unique that no other substance (apart from maybe the analogue 1p-lsd) are quite like it. More study has to be made on it, in order to understand our brains and avoid missing a great opportunity of development and scientific advancement.

  • Yes, most definitely

    In a country that permits the production and consumption of alcohol it seems extremely ironic that the comparably benign LSD is treated with such hostility and menace. Alcohol is the most dangerous drug the world has ever seen, and is responsible for more death and perversion and abuse than any other intoxicating substance human beings have ever stumbled upon. Why we freely advertise and distribute booze, but gasp at the mention of acid is beyond me.

  • It's Changed my paradigm for the better

    LSD should be legalized because it has so much potential. For the most part LSD only has negatives when taken unsafely or in an unsafe environment. Beyond that, it increases focus, increases sensory perception, and gives insights by letting you sort out problems with logical/moral reasoning not skewed by subjected beliefs or bias. It slows down the central processing communication lobes so that thoughts are no longer filter. In essence, "free thought". Not to mention the amount change in your spirituality, and the interesting nature of reality.
    A guy in a minor league baseball was second string. He took a pretty big dose of LSD before the game because he wasn't suppose to be playing. On the way there, the first string pitcher broke his leg. The guy on LSD proceeded to pitch a no hitter, striking out every guy.
    Steve Jobs and others have accredited their entire lives to this drug, and for good reason.
    There's also the the fact that two Nobel peace prize winners (one for discovering the double helix DNA model) both say they would not have achieved it without the use of this drug. Thanks for reading.

  • Yes It should be legal.

    LSD is neither harmful nor addictive. The ld50 is hundreds of times higher than the normal dose, and only one overdose has been recorded, and the person took thousands times the average dose. It does not impede driving any more than someone could if they drank enough. Personally I have tried LSD as well as other hallucinogens before, and am no worse for wear.

  • LSD should be decriminalized

    LSD should be legalized, or rather it should be decriminalized and then regulated but not prohibited in any serious fashion. The reality is drug prohibition has not worked, and we need to do what other nations and societies such as Uruguay and slowly the rest of Latin America are already doing.

  • LSD Should not be Legalized

    LSD impairs judgment and has been used as a date rape drug. Many people beleive that LSD is not addictive. While this may be true, LSD users who take the drug repeatedly will need to take progressively higher doses to ensure they receive the same high, and this, is ultimately dangerous.

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