Should Luke Bryan have won 2014 American Country Countdown: Artist of the Year?

  • Yes, Luke Bryan deserved to win.

    2014 has been a big year for Luke Bryan. He had three chart-topping No. 1 singles, including ‘Drink a Beer’ and ‘Play It Again.’ The awards were determined by airplay and sales, and Bryan excelled in both arenas over the past year. His win was well-deserved, and he is proving himself as a major player in the country music industry.

  • His star is bright.

    Yes, Luke Bryan should have won artist of the year, because he is having a great year. Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift can only win that award so many times before it gets old, so it's nice to see the award go to someone else. Bryan has written many hit songs lately and deserved the title.

  • Popularity does not equal truth.

    Although it is obvious that Luke Bryan is a huge success in the Country music industry, I do not believe that he should have won the 2014 American Country Countdown Artist of the Year award. Just because he has many fans and has gained a vast amount of popularity within the last year, I believe the original winner was just as worthy of a title as Bryan could've been.

  • Whoever won, won

    Obviously the votes and tallies were taken and the result was him not winning. I don't know why he should have won, nor do I really care. I think that the awards ceremony and results were more than likely fair and done in the way that they should have been.

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