• Yes, It should.

    Yes, Lunch should be banned. Just let the kids starve LMAO

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  • People should be eating breakfast instead.

    It is a well known scientific fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Additionally, Logic tells us that if lunch is banned, People will have no choice but to breakfast instead. Therefore, Because breakfast is healthier than lunch, This move will ultimately decrease the burden on America's doctors and boost the healthcare system.

  • Get rid of that trash excuse for a dinner wannabe

    I can't believe some people eat food in the middle of the day like some unsophisticated disgusting idiot stupid dumb fools. I saw someone eating lunch the other day and I was so filled with rage that I went home and uploaded this comment. I broke almost 4 keyboards typing this and there is steam coming out of my ears like in cartoons. Then everyone clapped.

  • Everyone needs to have some sort of food during the day

    Everyone needs to have some sort of food during the day especially children that are still developing and growing lunch gives them a time to also replenish their energy and have some fun with their friend's school give anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for lunch considering it is illegal to be working for more than 5 hours without a half an hour break why should it be any different for schools and with giving them a bit extra time at lunch they get to learn how to socialise with others and make connections that could last them there lives and they also get to get some additional exercise in and that is always beneficial for most children

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