Should lying be accepted in special circumstances?

  • Sadly, everybody lies.

    The way I see it, lying is simply encoded in humans DNA. Everybody lies, and that is a proven fact; no one is perfect and 100% honest every second of the day. Sometimes lying is simply the only option, whether it is to save someones feelings or get out of a tough situation.

  • We all lie at some point

    Yes. In some cases a lie should be accepted. If it will save a life or for the greater good, then a lie is a small price to pay. We all lie and sometimes we have no idea that we are bending the truth. It should not become a habit and should be avoided if possible, but when necessary it executed in a manner to hurt those involved as little as possible.

  • Lying is right every once in awhile.

    While the idea of absolute honesty is charming in its own naieve way, a well placed lie can help a lot of people. There are situations where a lie can save a life, a relationship, or a friendship. In those cases I fully endorse lying to keep things on the level.

  • In some circumstances it makes the situation more relaxed.

    Lying at some times can make the tense situation more calm and relaxed. For example if someone was to die in a few weeks. You would not blatantly tell them that 'you will die'. On the contrary you would lie to them and say that they are fine and nothing is wrong with them further making their last days happy ones.

  • Yes, lying should be acceptable in certain circumstances.

    How acceptable a lie is depends entirely upon the nature of the lie. By and large, small "white" lies and lies of omission are what keep friends and families from tearing each other to bits. They are what allow us to function in uncomfortable social situations. They prevent us from being unnecessarily hurtful. If we told nothing but the truth and omitted nothing, it would wreck relationships on every possible level, from interpersonal to international.

  • No, lying is unacceptable.

    Lying is wrong every single time. People have the option of not answering a question if they cannot bear to tell the truth. The minute you decide to lie you have lost all sense of moral values. It is imperative that you never lie. What would happen if all of the police officers and judges started to lie in certain circumstances? For this reason alone lying is terrible.

  • No, lying is not an acceptable form of communicating ones ideas in any circumstance.

    The truth of the matter there are many ways to communicate an idea or thought. Lying is unacceptable because it uses deception and deceit to formulate the idea or thought when honesty or even hypothetical means would work instead. Why lying occurs in conversation is not the topic but the difference between right and wrong is and lying is wrong in all circumstances.

  • What goes around comes around.

    When you tell a lie, it comes back and haunts you. You can even tell a small white lie and it would come back. In the moment, you think it would be acceptable to lie but in reality the person you lied to will find out. Keep in mind once you tell a lie, it will become a habit which is not the way to go. You will have a reputation of being a liar.

  • No, honesty is the best policy.

    A lot of times people will decide it's okay to tell "white lies" in order to not hurt someone's feelings. But a lot of the time, lies will have a way of snowballing. One lie will lead to another, in order to cover up the previous lie. In reality, being honest can be hard, but it's still the best thing to do. And, as the saying goes, if you always tell the truth, you don't have to have a good memory!

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