Should M-rated games be forcefully restricted to children over the age of 18?

  • Personally, yes I do believe so.

    I think yes because it's obviously rated that for a reason. I don't think it's right to expose children to nudity, language, violence, drugs, and alcohol through these games. If you go to your local game store, there is a very good chance that you can find a 9 year old with his/her mom or dad buying an M-game like Call of Duty, or even Grand Theft Auto V. My parents stuck strictly to the rating given on the game. I wasn't allowed to play M games until I turned 18.

  • When I was a kid I loved to play games that I wasn't old enough for...

    Any child should be allowed the play any type of games they want!!!!!!! It is stupid to think that kids shouldn't play certain video games it is just a dumb game in their choices of what they like. Everyone has their own rights this is a free country right. So this should be a free country.

  • Its up to the parents

    The Parents should decide and have a talk with their kids the government should not get involved in parenting and if a Kid is interested in Gaming people should just respect it. Now I think the problem lies in people who use online multiplayer who manipulate children into swearing and being rude

  • We have rights

    W have RIGHTS as an American citizen to buy the things that we want. The only exceptions are underaged smoking and drinking and drugs are the only things that i am against. But, these games aren't causing lung cancer or cirrhosis of the liver, they are just for the entertainment of children and adults alike.

    Adhi Subramanian

  • It is the parent's job

    I believe that it is the parent's job to restrict media to what they think is age appropriate. It is not society's job to forcefully impose their ideas and viewpoints on to children that they did not give birth to. P.S, i love how all the games in the picture are rated "Teen"

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