Should MADtv make a comeback and air its first new episodes since 2009?

  • Definitely. SNL isn't funny anymore since they have become an hour long commercial for the Democratic party.

    SNL spends more time campaigning for the DNC and not enough time being funny. They have spent so much effort trying to ruin Republican candidates that the writers can't be funny anymore. The last few times I tried to watch SNL they always opened with some off color slam on politics or stupid skit that was only funny to the cast (they were the only people laughing cause the audience surely wasn't)

  • We need fresh comedy shows!

    SNL has been an entertainment staple for over 20 years and it needs competition. There has not been a comedy forum to rival SNL and give viewers a different comedy experience. MADtv had such an off beat type of comedy that it would give a viewer just that. Also, the idea of experiencing new comedic talent is refreshing.

  • yes, if it has fans

    MAD was very popular in its day and a lot of people loved the show for what it was. Many people were disappointed when the show went off the air. The fans would be very much pleased to see the show returned even after so many years of waiting. If they have episodes ready, they should air them

  • It could make a good comeback.

    I'm not a fan of MADtv, but it could make a good comeback and had a lot of fans. The main competition SNL has made many changes and MADtv could comeback with a new cast, or possibly part of the old cast and some new members. The fans would like it.

  • Yes They Should

    I would love to see MADtv come back to Fox. I was disappointed when the show was canceled and didn't really see the point given they had been going strong against SNL. I believe this show had promise and I think it could again in the future. It should return.

  • No, MADtv shouldn't return.

    I do not think that MADtv should make a comeback and air its first new episodes since 2009. I think that show has run its course. And I do not think a return of the program would be popular. I think the creators of the show should instead focus on new and different ideas and shows.

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