• Its about the personality

    Beauty doesn’t matter. What happens if you find someone beautiful but you realize how extremely rude they are. This makes teenagers more upset, lonely, annoyed,etc. Life is all about the personality. What happens if you saw a magazine but then you see someone beautiful and you go to a mirror and eventually your just going to break it and become one of those gangsters that wall make crimes.

  • Unrealistic body image

    It teaches kids that this UNREALISTIC body image is what everyone should look like, if you look like anything other than that you are considered ugly. This may cause lots of people to start photoshopping and changing their image. It could make teens depressed and less confident about there body, so why not stop the trouble and accept our body's as they are!

  • Unrealistic Representations of Beauty

    I do not know about everyone else, but it really aggravates me when I see people in magazines with inhumanley skinny arms and tiny waists. They are giving kids nowadays, particularly little girls, the wrong idea of physical beauty. We need to be more uplifting about all body types and spread the word that one does not need to be Barbie or stick thin for society to perceive the, as attractive or beautiful.

  • Freedom of Press.

    I don't support magazines that have photoshopped models. It isn't cool. And I probably won't buy it. But banning it is unfair. It curbs our freedom of press, and if the model is fine with it, let them. If you don't like it, just don't read it. If you feel jealous and wan't to starve yourself to look like them, it is your problem/parents. Don't push the blame on someone else.

  • Wishful thinking but not really practical.

    Why? I know there's a huge rage now about people and unrealistic standards but to be honest I think it is a very hypocritical one. Photoshoping is about enhancing the beauty of something/someone. If you are going to ban everything that does that, where would you draw the line? Would it be at esthetic plastic surgery, push up bras and panties, or at makeup and cremes? They all serve the same purpose, only that a Photoshop artist is a lot less accessible than makeup at Walgreens. If everyone could Photoshop themselves, they would... It's what plastic surgery tries to do.

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