Should Major League Baseball instant replay usage be increased?

  • Who cares about the "it takes away use of umpires." Just get it right.

    In a critical situation late in the game, and the umpire makes a questionable call, instant replay is vital. It could decide the difference between a win and a loss. Heck, I just watched a game in the 8th inning where the Reds were down by 1 run. There was a play at first with two outs and nobody on and it was called out. The Reds challenged and won making the call safe. The next batter hit a 2 run home-run to give the Reds the lead. Cincinnati would win that game by 1 run off of that home run in the 8th. Without replay, the Reds would've lost that game.

    Posted by: Kinf
  • We need this

    In critical situations MLB replay will check and see if it was out safe fair foul ball or strike. MLB needs to become 21# century and become one with other sports. Have you seen any day umps that get only 90% of calls right? Remember all those plays that were actually a bad call? And remember all those ejections? This needs to happen.

  • Get better calls

    Other than it needing better calls, players have been known to commit suicide over calls blown by the umpire. Look at Donnie Moore for example. The Ump made a bad call in the world series that it devastated him and he couldn't bear the pain of that call so he took his own life.

  • Every game that is won or lost by a blown call from a human being without the same sight as all the cameras on the field.

    The fact that we are in the 21st century and can see TV in true High Definition and can CLEARLY see
    balls/strikes/and good and bad calls from the umpires indicates that there are too many OLD people
    still in power that want to continue the failed ways to referee a ball game. I say we lay them all off,
    they only get in the way anyhow, and replace them with a series of cameras that cover every possibility of playing, and have ONE Referee in the box or NOC watching the game away from the play. The balls and strikes can be represented by an LCD screen behind the plate, or in the outfield. The fans that support and mostly FUND baseball deserve better than the CRAP umpiring that they are getting from these bozos right now.

  • The game would be more accurate.

    The team who deserves the win does not always win in this game. The team who deserves to win should win, and the game should not count on the angle the umpire was standing during the time of the play. I fully support this idea of instant replays and i think every TRUE fan of baseball should. You may say that it would be ruining the tradition, but its just starting a new, better tradition.

  • Hell yes more IR

    I'm tired of seeing idiot umpires making the stupidest calls. Using the IR system will benefit the people watching and participating in the sport not some fat know it all behind the plate with a poor line of site and willing to mess up someone's game because of a bad day, its their favorite team loosing, etc... Human error factor right there. Give us IR next season.

  • No official should be the deciding factor in sport competition.

    Athletes should decide the outcome of sport. Any opportunity a sport has to eliminate human officiating errors should be seized upon. Professional sports is as much about entertainment as it is about competition. It is frustrating as a fan to watch rallies, no hitters, etc. End because of a subjective human error.

  • Yes, baseball needs replay for fairer calls.

    The referees blew another call today. Longoria was clearly safe, yet was called out and a run would have been scored. This play may have cost the Rays the game. It is so frustrating that the technology is available, yet the MLB still refuses to use it. Contrary to popular opinion, I don`t think it would slow the game down. In some situations, it may speed it up.

  • The Foster call was outrageous.

    Games should not be decided by bad calls. What happened to Zobrist was ridiculous as only 1 pitch was a strike and the other 2 called strikes were out of the strike zone. Instant replay will eliminate or drastically reduce human error. Foster gave the Rangers a win and took away the rays chance to win with Longoria coming to the plate. Shameful.

  • Yes, replay is needed.

    Baseball must have replay. People would rather have the calls and the outcome of the game correct, even if it means the game takes 15 more minutes. Plus, it takes longer for the manager to argue the call and get thrown out than it does to do a quick review. It would also affect the business of the game, because players careers can be ruined by a bad call.

  • Baseball is a game of errors

    Baseball is a game made to mess up in! The best hitters in the world become Hall of Famers for failing 7 out of 10 times! So if the best players in the world fail whyy would you expect the best umpires to be perfect? I would like to see all of you go out there and call a perfect game! These umps work their butts off to call the fairest game possible but MISTAKES HAPPEN! That's the name of the game.

  • Human element of my beloved ballgame, with an umpire perspective.

    Take away my umpires, or their meaning, and baseball has little else to cling to its roots or integrity. I'll be first to be admit. I have only umpired professionally in lower levels of baseball, and I can't imagine the pressure MLB umps are under every day, but this bit of exposure has completely changed my opinion of umpires in general. I only has respect for them. The only reason people have severely questioning their judgement (beyond fanatic bias that has existed since the games conception) is because every night they see some guy on ESPN slowing down a play to 30 frames/sec with 5 angle proving a player was safe by a cm. Don't get me wrong, we want to get the call right, we want to get the call right, but by our own judgement. There is a reason there an OBR rule against arguing judgement calls. Are are you going to argue with training, lack of bias, and being in the best position to see the play of anyone in the ballpark? There are couple gross errors but i guess that`s just the game. Instant replay will only make the game boring and make it longer.

  • The use of instant replay in Major League Baseball should not be increased, because it would eliminate the human factor from the game.

    The use of instant replay in Major League Baseball should not be increased, because it would eliminate the human factor from the game. It is up to the umpires to determine whether a ball is fair or foul, or whether a player is safe or out. The controversy created when a call is disputed creates interest in the game and gets fans of both teams talking. Stopping games to use instant replay has other detrimental effects. The length of an average game would increase. The momentum a team is building could be disrupted. The pitchers would have to throw more to keep their arms loose during the added breaks. While I believe that instant replay could affect the outcome of a few games per season, there is not enough justification to increase its use. It is more important to keep the spirit of the game alive through traditional decision making.

    Posted by: TownWett
  • The game is slow enough; adding more replays would slow it further.

    If every play turned into instant replay, baseball games would take the better part of a day to finish. Another aspect is that it would lesson the truly spectacular plays' appeal if every play was considered for instant replay. Great plays like home runs should be the only instant replay seen. I think actually they should lessen instant replay to keep the announcer from analyzing one play to death.

    Posted by: NabyR4y
  • No, from an umpiring standpoint definitely not.

    I have been an umpire for competitive baseball for about 6 years now and it would only further the aggression towards the umpires. It would slow down the mlb game even more than it already is.

  • errors are and always have been apart of baseball

    fans care a hell of a lot more then the errors that are made then the players do and isn't it the players that matter?

  • MLB should not use instant replay because it would only lengthen an already lengthy game.

    Many people that I've talked to say that a reason that they don't like baseball is how long it takes. If we were to add instant reply into the picture, it wouldn't fix anything. Although it would make things more accurate, there would still be no way to fix every single little error. Humans are fallible and we just have to deal with it. Instant reply would bore us by turning a 3-hour game into a 4 or 5 hour game. Less people would also enjoy watching games at stadiums and therefore just lazily watch from the couch. This hurts stadium business and puts the whole economy out of whack.

  • It should not, as it will add more time a game already fraught with inefficiencies.

    Expanding replay, aside from extending games, will also pose a new series of problems. Not only would an umpire need to decide if a play was legal, they would also need to make critical assumptions if the blown play was to have continued. For example: if a catch was over-ruled with a runner in 2nd base, would the umpire award the batter first base and leave the runner on second? Or would the umpire assume the runner would have scored? Too much control is left up to the officials, which is bad for any sport.

    Posted by: SpoiledKris
  • Dehumanizing the Game

    Why bother with an umpire. The umpires, as much as any player, are what make the game great. Players and Coaches managing the umpires are a part of the game strategy. Players blow plays, umpires on rare occasions blow calls. Again, the human part is what makes the game great.
    Without the human story, let's face it, baseball can be a boring spectator sport.
    I was able to deal with the video replay on a home run call. MLB has taken this way too far.
    Give the game back to the people.

  • The more people use it the less effective it becomes

    Every time someone asks for a replay it seems that the call is confirmed or it stands so it doesn't really matter the play isn't going to be right or it was a stupid challenge. So it shouldn't be used more. There's no point in it. I don't think it's changing anything

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