Should Major League Baseball introduce instant replay to maintain the integrity of the game?

  • It will make the games more efficiant

    I am not the biggest baseball fan, so in all honesty, I was not aware they did not already have an instant replay system. But, yes, in my opinion, having an instant replay in baseball, could ultimately lead to better efficient games, and more fair calling during these games. It's a win-win.

  • Yes

    It all comes down to getting the call right. If there are certain situations in which umpires are not making the right call, instant replay should be implemented. Umpires would still make all the calls as they normally would, but instant replay may be checked for calls that are unclear.

  • Get the Call Right

    Professional sports are full of quick plays and fast athletes. Major League Baseball should institute more instant replay in addition to more technology as a way to maintain the right calls during a game. Sensors can be input in the field to determine if balls are fair or foul. Sensing equipment can be put on players, and in the ball, to determine balls and strikes. Instant replay is a good step in the right direction.

  • Yes Major League Baseball should definitely introduce expanded instant replay

    In sports, at any level, professional, amateur, high school or even pee wee/little league, officiating can have a huge effect on the outcome of a game. One bad call in either direction, changes the entire course of the contest or has the potential to.

    This is particularly evident in baseball today, as many many calls have been made in recent seasons that have changed outcomes of games, events, or even playoff series as a whole. There needs to be an onus to get the calls right, no matter how long it may take. You don't wanna slow things down too badly, but you need to get the calls correct if you want the games to be taken seriously.

    Sure they got the home run call, but there needs to be more, the plays at the bases and at the foul lines have a much bigger outcome on most games than a home run does. The play at 2nd base in the Yankees-Tigers series this year was an example of that, as it helped the Tigers add to their lead in what was a 1-0 game late impacting the outcome.

    So yes for the integrity of the game, there needs to be more replay in Major League Baseball.

  • Introducing instant replay would increase baseball's credibility.

    Introducing instant replay to Major League Baseball would greatly improve both the credibility and integrity of the game. Baseball is already behind sports like football, which use instant replay extensively to ensure that the calls on the field are correct. With the advancements in technology, instant replay in baseball would help eliminate poor calls by the umpires without slowing down the game.

  • No

    Umpires have always been a part of the game. Sure they get calls wrong SOMETIMES. But adding instant replay, if anything ruins the integrity of the game. If we add instant replay, what's the point of even having umpires? There are certain places in society, especially in sports, where we just need to leave technology out. Yes, I'm aware that sometimes calls are blown. Yes, I'm aware that it's unfair. But what about before we had such technology? Baseball is a game where sometimes you just have to get used to an umpire's strike zone and adjust accordingly, or just accept the fact that it was a blown call and move on. Calls can have great effect on the game, but as I said before, that's just a part of the game. That's life. That's baseball.

  • Don't ruin the game

    If we transfer to instant replay then we are just giving up on umpires. What integrity does the game have if we rely on instant replay to make the calls the umpires have made for (reminder of how long this game is) over 100 years! This is outlandish, if one bad call ruined the game then the other team obviously didn't play to their full potentiel. You can't rely on an umpire to make a call and win a game, your players and coaching staff needs to win the game, not the blown call. A real athlete shakes it off and goes out and makes a play.

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