• Major Donors Support All Candidates

    Republican or Democrats that are major donors to their party more than likely donate to all campaigns. The money donated in the amounts these donors are able to give, amount to nothing more than legalized bribery. Donors with a lot of money want something for the donations they give all candidates and there is not doubt both sides receive the donations.

  • Republicans Save Their Party By Supporting Hillary

    With the nomination of Donald Trump all but assured, the Republican establishment has every reason to do everything in its power to derail his impending triumph. Although some would consider supporting Hillary Clinton as nothing short of political treason, it appears to be the only viable solution to prevent Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

  • Major Republican Donors Should not Support Hillary Clinton

    Major republican donors should not support Hillary Clinton. Clinton, her policies, and her beliefs do not reflect those of the republican party. People who do not agree with her should not give her financial support. If they do, it could give others a misconstrued view of the republican party and its values.

  • Why would republicans support Hillary at all?

    The republican candidates may not be stellar, but I can not see any republican donors switching and supporting Hillary. She stands for everything they are against. Unless they would support her to insure a republican win, but that would be a risky move. They would be better to keep their money in their pockets. This election is going to be interesting. I think that in the end Hillary will not win the nomination.

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