• It should have more restrictions

    I think the fact that people feel the need to wear makeup is sad, the fact that people feel ashamed going out with their natural face. Sure, it's great for movies and special occasions. However, it also contains chemicals which people may not know causes problems. I think people should be able to wear it for weddings and movies and extra special occasions. But I find it appalling that children from the age of 12 rely on wearing it everyday. Natural is most beautiful and healthiest.

  • Yes it should.

    I am a girl and I have always felt pressured to wear makeup ever sinc I was about 12. If makeup is banned that pressure can be taken away and people can focus on the important things in life such as education and happiness instead of spending hours applying a powder to their face in hopes of looking beautiful.

  • Makeup is poisonous

    These chemicals are flooding your bodies and more importantly your eggs and your unborn child. You have no idea how poisonous makeup really is because you have never even thought about it! Please research it yourselves. You are born with eggs you don't make new ones please stop devolving the human race with your stupid reasons for putting toxic substances on your bodies. Which actually looks ridiculous

  • Makeup must be banned

    Makeup will only make a girl look ugly. Its stupid how some women put it on thinking im so much more attractive now, NO you are not attractive in any way. Sure actors need makeup to look their role in a movie and thats fine. But im talking about these teens that constantly put makeup on and think that theyre beautiful. And sometimes its not the kids doing it, its the parents doing it to their kids and i hate the thought that parents will do that to someone who is only like 6 or 7 years old (take honey boo boo for example). Honestly girls if you want my advice the only way to look pretty is to be natural and be yourself. Oh and one more thing, women, its not right to feel good about yourself when everyone else around you hates the way you look. The best way to feel good is to be natural and be yourself. Not wear that weird thing you call makeup on your face.

  • It should be banned

    Embrace natural beauty and stop covering your faces with harmful chemicals. Everyone looks the same and it just gives women high expectations to constantly look good by wearing makeup. It takes up time and results in people feeling too self conscious to go out the house with no makeup! It encourages young children to look beautiful when they should be out enjoying their carefree childhood rather than obsessing over their looks. Makeup is a deceitful and unnecessary market which money could be spent on fixing the world's more important problems.

  • Make up should be banned

    Make up is the ultimate cause to the society we now find our selves in, for a start the society nowadays is all about women past the age of 13 to look good I see this as being wrong makeup for a first hides the real person you ultimately are and it makes you look better in looks then you are . This is wrong I feel because society nowadays is about 'looks' for girls I am talking about I bet in every high school you no about the most good looking girl is always the most 'popular', this may be because they naturally look good or they have put so much make up on they look completely different. I have no reason I disagreeing in the fact that girls with natural looks are the most 'popular' but I do strongly disagree when girls are getting all the boys and are the most popular on because of the make up they put on !!!!!

  • Makeup enables fraud!

    Women shouldn't be able to defraud men with their painted faces. It distorts the evolutionary process by increasing the reproductive odds of less attractive women. Of course, there should be exceptions for things like TV and movies. However, elsewhere it should be banned. Its worse than e-cigs. It's fraud. Pure and simple.

  • Yes, makeup should be banned.

    For years, people have idealized others that apply tons of makeup to themselves, making them seem fake and aloof to others. If we banned makeup, people would be forced to idealize a different sort of values, and instead of just superficial beauty, people would appreciate others' personalities more than their outward appearance.

  • Anybody here know about Plato?

    Initiating a ban on makeup would temporarily prove inconvenient, Ineffective, And would certainly run some companies out of business and people out of their jobs. However, The long lasting effects of a ban would override these temporary upsets. It would only take months, And if not, Weeks, For all of us to adapt to changed faces. For one to be dependent upon makeup for confidence is simply worrisome. One should never have to depend on tangible objects (and most definitely ones that must be bought with money). I’m not sure if the correlation stands true. . . . But this may well be, Along with a downfall of social standards, A contributing factor to why women suffer from depression more than men. It makes no sense to try and cover acne, Scars, And burns like they aren’t nature occurrences that happen to everyone. Plato, Aristotle, And Socrates have all shamed the lack of true character. I’ll leave here without even dipping into the relatively high cost, Chemical hazards, And time-management downfalls of makeup.

  • Make up means more attractive, more distracting, more provocative

    Makeup's job is to make one more attractive. Isn't attraction at work the problem issue. We know that one can get a lot of attention from complete strangers when dressed up and makeup is perfect. Not so much when when one runs out to the grocery with no makeup and common everyday clothes on.

  • People should be aloud to wear make up

    Some girls are self-conscious because they may have spotty skin or suffer from acne and would need to cover up there spots. Also, girls want to feel pretty and sometimes they want to express themselves as individuals. You can make sure that the make up is worn so it looks natural.

  • People should be aloud to wear make up

    Some girls are self-conscious because they may have spotty skin or suffer from acne and would need to cover up there spots. Also, girls want to feel pretty and sometimes they want to express themselves as individuals. You can make sure that the make up is worn so it looks natural.

  • Why would you even bother banning it though?

    Banning makeup would be a waste of time and energy, would put a lot of people out of their jobs, as well as getting rid of something that a lot of people have fun with and enjoy that doesn't really harm anyone. I don't personally wear makeup, but I do definitely see the appeal. Who cares if people enjoy putting stuff on their face, whether it's for fashion's sake, to cover up features that they don't like, just for fun or whatever.

  • Confidence takes time

    To those who say that makeup doesn't give you real confidence because is like covering your insecurities,that it is just a temporal fake mask.Make up helps people to cover blemishes .Stupid little things that can make someone insecure but in the end don't change anything about you.What is the difference between real and fake confidence if you act the same whether you have either of them?I think that make up ca help you create a self esteem,that will eventually be a part of you even when you not have make up on.But this takes time,and so make up can be a dear friend in the mean time.

  • It should not be banned!

    Makeup can be a way to express yourself and be a form of art. If someone feels good wearing makeup why not let them? Makeup contains chemicals, but so does skin care, shaving cream, shampoo, perfume, etc. so if you think makeup should be banned, why aren;t you banning everything else beauty related?

  • Makeup should not be banned at all!

    If someone feels better wearing makeup or simply likes doing it then why are you telling them they can’t? Not only is it not allowed kids are being punished for it! Phone calls home, detentions, etc. It’s just not right and a waste of time to punish students for something this ridiculous, it won’t stop them wearing it out of school. Schools should have a lot more things to worry about than if someone has eyebrows on or not. It is a way of expressing yourself, and make up is a form of art and doing it becomes a skill. Make up makes an individual feel confident with the way they look. If you are not being affected by someone else's life choices then you have no say in what they do or wear. If it wasn't for judgemental people or the society claiming people should look a certain way then women may feel more confident and if they feel more confident due to makeup then let them express themselves. They say it is due to ‘distraction in lessons’ but if my mascara is distracting someone then that’s their problem not mine, students should have an opportunity sensibly. If students have self-control then makeup will not affect their concentration. Another reason they say this is because ‘it makes non makeup user’s self-conscious’ but if schools think that is the case do they really think the solution to that is banning it for everyone? How about teaching children its okay to wear makeup and its okay not to, and whether you wear makeup or not that doesn’t define you and teach kids they can look and feel good if you choose to wear it or not and what is put on your face is not who you are as a person, not making a rule where nobody can wear it. It’s like cross country; some people like it and some people don’t so should we ban that too?

  • Banning makeup ruins self-confidence.

    If a man/woman feels comfortable with herself when he/she has makeup on, who are you to tell her that he/she's not allowed to put it on. Sure, makeup can have chemicals in it that can irritate your skin, but so does aftershave/perfume and every other beauty product, so why aren't you banning those? Because it's ridiculous!
    Makeup isn't fraudulent, it's something a person can use to boost their self confidence. I HATE how people complain when you do and when you don't wear makeup! If you don't wear it, you're ugly because your skin isn't perfect and if you do wear it, you're fake. It's disgusting how people are treated because they want to change their appearance. Think about how you're telling someone who is already self-conscious about their looks that they're not their real selves and they're fake.
    Another thing I hate is when guys complain about girls not being natural! If that same girl walked out of her house with a bare face, you wouldn't look at her twice, so you're just being picky.
    It's even worse on social media because when we see you practically grinding your back teeth down to get a sharp jawline, we say nothing, so if a guy/girl uses contour to get sharper cheekbones, say nothing.

  • Employment and industry !

    Makeup industry across globe has attracted not only consumers but also people in search of income.The cosmetic industry serves as a source of income for thousands.For instance a survey shows that the cosmetic industry provides jobs to 63K (63,813 people) people an that is excluding the personal setups.So banning Beauty products will simultaneously take away jobs from them aswell as the total GDP

  • I am me

    I enjoy to apply my makeup and it covers my imperfections. It's a hobby!! Why should my school have a say on my way of expressing myself and my self-esteem?! I feel bare without makeup and my makeup gives me confidence! Did I ask for your opinion? No, so stop with the calling me 'ugly' and 'fake' because I am who I am and it's nothing to do with you.

  • Fine! Lets stop wasting time and we will see how you like that!

    Fine! Why dont we ban makup? Ill tell you why, quite a lot of the points made are that it wastes time and you should be who you are! But makeup is a trend and a type of fashion! You cant complain about it wasting time !If you want to not waste time then Ok!Lets stop wasting time...First everyone has to wear the same clothes,drive the same car,paint the same pictures, sing the same songs. Just let people be who they are,make up is way of expressing yourself!!

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