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  • The original wasn't that great.

    I am so tired of old shows getting reboots! Where is the originality in that? I didn't like Malcom in the Middle when it first aired, so I doubt it would be good the second time around! I think networks should stop making reboots and focus on new material to interest audiences.

  • "Malcolm in the Middle" should not have a reboot

    No way that "Malcolm in the Middle" should have a reboot. It was one of the all time comedy classics and should be left as such. Too many times production companies seek to capitalize on past successes, only to ruin what was once a good thing. Leave this one alone.

  • No, Malcom in the Middle does not need a reboot.

    Malcolm in the Middle was an enjoyable show that overstayed its welcome. The beginning seasons brought a fresh new dysfunctional family sitcom, with great acting performances. The series was a shell of its former self in late seasons, and a reboot is unlikely to capture the greatness of the early seasons.

  • Malcolm in the Middle not strong enough for a reboot

    Malcolm in the Middle was not a strong enough show during its original airing to warrant a reboot. There are any number of shows that could stand to have a reboot, but Malcolm in the Middle is not one of them. I think television should focus on creating a new feel for tv instead of trying to reboot old shows. Full House was strong enough to have a reboot because it has spanned multiple generations. The same could be said for FRIENDS. Malcolm in the Middle does not have a strong enough following to get enough people insterested in a reboot.

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