• Yes, employers should offer males paternity leave.

    Males should get the same amount of paternity leave as females. The mother needs to be able to get some rest after just having a baby, and having the father home would help her tremendously. Also, the first few months are essential for bonding and building a life-long relationship with the child.

  • Yes, that is essential bonding time.

    Certainly. I see no problem with male employees receiving paternity leave when a new child is on the way or has arrived. Those first moments with your new baby are meant for bonding, and it's important that both parents be with the child as much as possible. It's the ultimate pro-family move.

  • Male Employees Should Get Paternity Leave

    Yes, male employees should get paternity leave. The first few months of a baby's life are its most important and quickest changing. A father should be allowed to spend that time with a newborn infant as well. This is not to say that women should not be granted their maternity leave. Of course, they should as well.

  • Yes, tho perhaps not as much as females.

    If a female has given birth in a biological way then she needs time to physically recover. There is also time to bond with the baby that is needed. The father should be given some paid or unpaid time to bond with the new baby, too, although he does not need extra time to recover physically.

  • Yes, male employees should get paternity leave.

    Male employees should be able to get paternity leave. This will allow a set of new parents to have more time to adjust to their new lives. Once the mother gets done with her paternity leave the father can take his so that they can keep the costs of day care down during their initial childbirth.

  • Male employees should not get paternity leave.

    Male employees should not get paternity leave. It is necessary for women to get maternity leave because they have to physically give birth to a child. Their bodies need time to recover, and they need to breast feed the newly born babies. Fathers do not have to do these things, so they should not get leave.

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