Should male homosexual acts be outlawed until a cure for AIDS is found?

Asked by: brian_eggleston
  • There was a shocking rise of 33 per cent in the number of men in London infected with HIV last year.

    London saw rise of 33 per cent in the number of men in London infected with HIV last year.

    The National Aids Trust said the increased HIV rate was “one of the most serious public health issues we face in the UK”. The rise was attributed to “high-risk” practices in the London gay scene, with many men skipping into gay clubs or mincing into public lavatories to perform unspeakably depraved sex acts with other men.

    The countries where homosexuality is illegal have the lowest prevalence of AIDS, with only 0.01% of the population of Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan are living with HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS.

    Clearly, governments have a duty to protect their citizens from the spread of HIV and the only way to do that is to ban homosexual acts until a cure for AIDS is found.

  • Basic logic does not support

    This argument. AIDS is not solely carried or passed on by homosexual males. Neither are homosexual acts more likely to pass on the disease. Why don't we outlaw ALL sexual acts until a cure for AIDS is found? Hell, why don't we outlaw sport until a perfect preventative for broken bones is found? Why not a moratorium on all radiation, including air flights and going out in the sun, until a cure for cancer is found? Basically, because doing so violates basic human rights. If you don't wish to risk contracting AIDS by engaging in homosexual acts, then don't. If you don't wish to risk getting AIDS by engaging in heterosexual acts, don't. You can't outlaw certain forms of behavior because of a potential for harm to those engaging in them.

  • Homosexuals aren't the only people who can get aids.

    Aids is a legitimate problem in Africa, and last time I checked, being gay in most nations of Africa is something that can get you shot.This 'Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan' argument is far from being a gem. In fact, in another debate I've already gotten around to refuting it. Neither Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan are places I would like to live in. Yeah, they probably decriminalize homosexuality. But you know what else? I'm pretty sure they also treat their women like dirt and micromanage how people engage in sexual intercourse.

  • No, it's not only a gay disease so you can't stop someone from love

    This the dumbest thing i've ever heard it was only pinned on them when it was outlawed and looked on them as a bad thing. People that are straight get aids. I know many gay people and not one has aids. There aren't many gays in africa and that is one of the leading cause of deaths so you can't pin it on them

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