Should males always pay for dates? (Note: heterosexual dates)

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  • No point fighting for equality if I don't do it myself

    I believe in equality between genders, so I think that the price should be split equally or for he to pay for one date and I'll pay for the next one. I don't see why men should be made to pay the bill. On the first date the bill should be split between them.

  • Women have jobs. It's fair that we pay equally.

    I always try to pay for dates. It's clear that when a man pays for a woman he is being a gentleman. On the other hand u don't need to pay for a gold digger. I like it half way. He pays one night and I pay the other. It doesn't matter cuz money is just an object.

  • It is only fair...

    ...That men and women split any expenditure 50-50. In this day and age, both sexes are equal. I do not see why the male should always pay for the date. Maybe for the first date if he asked the girl out the man should pay 100% (if the girl asked the guy out, then she should pay 100%), but subsequent dates should be 50-50.

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