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  • The Human race would decease in about 100 years!

    In case you didn't know it takes a male and a female to reproduce so if they were separated we would fail as a race to continue on and our thinking would change on other thinks instead of the other gender. Just keep that in mind if you think yes...

  • No, males and females should not have different worlds

    I don't think there can be a surviving world on both sides of the spectrum if there rare two different world for men and women. Women need men to reproduce and create other living human beings. A separation between man and women would not be right from a moral standpoint or from a revolutionary standpoint.

  • No, we were meant for each other.

    No, males and females should not have different worlds, because we were all meant to be together in this world. Males and females can work together, and usually do quite well. The world is large enough for all of us. People should rise and fall based on how hard they work, rather than their gender.

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