• I've done quite a bit of research, & I conclude yes.

    I've done 2 debates on the matter. . This one is shorter: I just put out my arguments & my opponent gave up : http://www.debate. org/debates/To-circumcise-or-not/1/


    This one is longer, I presented my arguments, there was a bit of back & forth, untill my opponent Forfited.

    As far as waiting until the child can make their own decisions, there are 2 problems, there are 2 issues: a) under-age sex is very common. It is precisely at this age when circumcision is most vital as they are more pron to having careless unprotected sex.
    they are sexually active and risk-taking is part of their psyche. Also with regard cancer, children are susceptible to cancer as well, waiting until they are old enough may be too late.
    b) Circumcisions performed later in life have a higher risk of complication and are more painful; dangerous, more uncomfortable, inconvenient and painful, etc. .

  • Yes they should be

    Circumcision is a big step to help keep young boys clean and free from infectious sexual diseases and for aesthetic appearance. The foreskin is a primal adaptation to the conditions of the wilderness which no longer apply here in the modern world. There is also a much lower risk of penile cancer among circumcised men.

  • Parents responsibility to protect the child.

    Circumcision can prevent HIV, Prostate Cancer, Urinary infections, and many STDs. It is the parents job to protect the child and in this day in age, many adolescents are becoming more and more sexually active. As mentioned earlier, circumcision reduces the likelihood of developing STDs, so in addition to creating abstinence awareness programs as well as sexual education programs, circumcision can prevents nonchalant teenagers from developing STDs that could prove detrimental to their future. Any parent would agree that their child's future is a priority and circumcision will help ensure the child's health.

  • They should be

    It's easier, you don't remember it and you are less prone to infections.

    I think it's a shame that it has to be done when they are so new to the world but it's better than waiting until you are a teenage or something in my opinion.

    The other option would be not to do it at all but I think that's just going to lead to more problems down the line for those men as they grow up.

  • Yes, in American culture.

    Yes, males should be circumcised as infants, because that is what is socially acceptable in the United States. Boys who are not circumcised may feel very different than others when they get to their high school gym classes. They might also feel uncomfortable when they are with women as adults. It is best to conform to societal norms, which is to be circumcised.

  • Males should be circumcised as infants.

    Circumcision is an important procedure for males to have as infants. The surgery would be more complicated and traumatic if it is delayed until adulthood. Circumcision makes the male genitalia cleaner and it makes it look better. Most people prefer circumcised penises and for this reason circumcision is a common practice.

  • Better than having it done as adults

    Are you a male that's gone through circumcision as an adult? Doubt it. I have, and believe me it's one of the most excruciating surgical procedures a grown man can endure. You do not want to be sore "down there." But I'm glad I had it, and my private hygiene is much better as a result. Infant males won't remember this pain, the health benefits are worth it, so I think it should be allowed.

  • Yes they should.

    Males should be circumcised as infants. This is something that should be done soon after males are born because they will not remember it. This can be something that is very traumatic, and when you are doing it when they are young, they will have no recollection of what happened.

  • Males should definitely be circumcised as infants.

    Males should definitely be circumcised as an infant.Many doctors say it is healthier for males in general.Jewish people see it in a spiritual sense and women tend to prefer the asthetics of it.Plus it seems to be much less traumatic if the procedure is done as an infant and not as an adult.

  • Why would you needlessly mutilate the genitalia of a healthy baby boy? Let him choose.

    It seems weird how circumcision gives people a sense of personal and cultural superiority. It's like the reality of destroying a functional part of a child's body is not important enough to think about when there is a perceived group identity position to defend.

    Circumcision has no place in a society that respects the rights of children.

  • Should females be circumcised as infants?

    Female genitals have much more complicated parts than male genitals, yet there is no need to remove any skin to maintain proper health. Females are at a much higher risk for urinary infections, yet females receive medication or mild treatment to be rid of urinary infections, and never is removal of skin even considered.

  • NO WAY! Keep your knives away from babies and children!

    Dear baby boy,

    I write you this letter because I value you as a human being. And it is simply for that reason alone that you have great value and great worth more than all the gold and silver and diamonds in all the world. Your value cannot increase in any way. You are valuable simply for the fact that you are a human being just like me. You are not above me, nor below me, but you are equal to me, and I call you my brother. The giants around you are called adults. You have entered a strange new world outside of your mother's womb. That woman who you will cherish forever is your mother. She wants the best in life for you. The man that calls you his flesh and blood is the one who you will call your daddy. And here you are caught in the middle of their world. It is precisely because I am thinking about you and I care about you that I am writing this letter. It is love born out of mercy and compassion that is missing in this world. When people declare that they want to make this world a better place, it will never be better until that kind of love exists. Now one of the giants who is not your mommy nor your daddy, but a stranger in a white suit has a knife held towards your sensitive skin. You feel the excruciating pain and the world and everything around you stops and time is unknown. Love is forgotten. You feel nothing except for the pain, and you cannot escape it. Little baby boy, I want to write to tell you that you do not deserve to be treated that way. You deserve to be in your mother's arms. I cannot save you, and my voice is weak. But all that I can do is speak. I love you. I care about you. I do not want you to hurt. I do not want you to fall down and scrape your knees. I want you to receive all the blessings that life can give you. Even though I am powerless to do anything to save you, I hope and pray that some day when you have a son of your own that you will have the courage to say no to practices that lack mercy and compassion and that that kind of love will be passed down from one generation to the next.

    A human being

  • Routine infant circumcision is wrong!

    Male infants should not be circumcised because it is a painful, risky, cosmetic procedure and is completely unnecessary. Infant Circumcision outside of medical necessity is a human rights violation. It is unethical and immoral to remove a part of a baby's body without his or her consent. Do the research and find out for yourself!

  • Private parts are private

    Why would any parent have any saying on the shape and function of their children's genitals, whether they are males, females or intersex?

    What the adults consider pretty or not is irrelevant when it comes to forcing a body modification upon a person who cannot consent, who has no idea what is being done, and who may grow to resent the decision made for them.

    It is not fair to children. It disrespects their dignity and personhood.

  • Routine Infant Circumcision is Wrong

    I understand the confusion. I used to be one of the people that thought worrying about other people's circumcision decision was crazy! We have been mislead in this country and it's time to learn the truth. Just like many things in modern medicine, we thought we knew the best way about something but it has now been proven wrong. There is a 1 in 16,000 chance that a male will medically need a circumcision. It is Not cleaner, it does Not prevent infections, nor help protect from HIV and other STDs. Babies DIE from circumcision in the US-more than 100 every year. The number that is left permanently disfigured is much higher. Why risk it when the care of an intact penis is so simple, and proper care will take care of all of the things we thought we were cutting our sons for. The foreskin is not just an extra flap of skin. It has thousands of nerve endings and provides important protection to the penis all throughout life. The stories you have heard about men having trouble with their intact penis are most likely due to improper care as an infant. When the foreskin is forcibly retracted it can set off all kinds of issues that are perpetuated by well meaning, but misinformed caregivers. Please research for yourself, and don't mutilate your son's genitals.

  • Deprives them of their right!

    Routine infant circumcision deprives men of their right to have intact genitalia! The foreskin is not a birth defect! It was meant to be there! Cutting the foreskin takes away up to 20,000 of the most erogenous nerves on a man's body, without his consent! For no good reason! It's really no different from female circumcision!

  • Routine infant circumcision is barbaric and unnecessary.

    If men were meant to have foreskins, they would be born with them. That's right! It is a violation of human rights to cut the bodies of non-consenting minors.

    The male foreskin contains over 20,000 specialized nerve-endings; in contrast, the female clitoris contains only 8,000! Why would any man not want to have that; why would any parent want to deprive their son of a full and natural sex life?

    In Europe, where baby boys are not routinely mutilated at birth, boys and men are not running around with rampant infections. Men are happy to have 100% of the bodies they were born with, to use and enjoy as God/Nature intended. The foreskin serves many protective and pleasurable (for BOTH partners!) purposes and is MEANT to be there. The rest of the civilized world looks at us Americans, still cutting our boys, with the same horror and disgust with which we look upon cultures who cut their girls.

    "When it comes to holding down perfectly healthy babies and severing flesh from their bodies, how much can you cut away before it becomes morally wrong?”

    If an adult man elects to have the procedure - all power to him. By then he will be fully aware of what he is giving up. His body, his choice.

  • Should females be?

    Females have aisles of feminine hygiene products and yeast medications in Wal-Mart. Womens' hoods produce smegma clitoridis - a cheesy product made from dead skin cells, bacteria, and sweat. The same exact reasons cited to circumcise males can be applied to females. Yet, here we are...Discriminating against our baby boys.

  • No, really no.

    I was circed as an infant.
    I'm angry because:
    1. Part of my body was removed without my consent.
    2. I suffered excruciating pain while the foreskin was cut away.
    3. My parents did nothing to protect me. They wanted me to be circumcised.
    4. A part of my body that was supposed to produce pleasurable sensations experienced excruciating pain.
    5. The two most erogenous parts of my penis – the prepuce and frenulum - were cut off.
    6. My penis has a scar.
    7. A private, sexual body part that should be hidden most of the time is permanently exposed.
    8. I have spent years wondering what was wrong with me.
    9. Both myself and my future wife have been denied the pleasures of natural sex.
    10. Foreskin restoration is time consuming and will never restore the tissues and their nervous system that was taken from me.

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