Should malls ban juveniles not accompanied by an adult?

Asked by: Fanny
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  • It Doesn't Make Sense.

    Teenagers can have jobs, which forms their own source of income. Though some teenagers aren't always the safest, a lot of them are. Besides, when teenagers can drive themselves and have enough money to go and hang out with their friends, are they going to wait until mommy and daddy get off work to come with them and awkwardly wander around with them and their friends? NO.

    I don't see why this would even make sense, to be honest.

  • Obviously not, who do you think you are?!

    What, do juveniles have no money? Is their presence so detrimental that it hurts sales figures? Do people stop going to the mall because they are afraid that some teenager is going to make fun of the clothes they bought?

    -_- even if they SHOULD it doesn't mean they would. Not if juveniles are a legitimate source of income. No teenager is going to call Mommy or Daddy every time they want to go shopping.

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