• People working in malls have lives too!

    Yes malls should close on Sundays because owners and employees who work in malls also have lives and need to spend time with families. They also need to go to church and do necessary activities to be with their family. Those who vote no don't realize how hard it is for business owners to operate 7 days a week.

  • Malls should close completely on Sundays

    We have already become too consumerist - malls should close Sunday. Yes, people argue that more trading day mean more profits, more jobs, but who really benefits? Not the average Joe, thats for sure. The rich get richer, simple as that. Spend Sunday to pass the time in family, or playing sports, hiking, reading, doing hobbies, making stuff, gardening, resting, whatever (even going to church if that is your thing). If your idea of spending your free time on Sunday is going to malls, you have a sad life. Live your life - enjoy your life.

  • Let them stay open

    Too many people work on weekdays and/or Saturday to not have malls open on Sunday for normal hours. You have time to go to church if that is your thing whether morning or night. The malls would see an added revenue and towns will see added tax revenue on sales tax revenue. It's win, win, win for all parties.

  • Stay open on Sunday

    I am usually working all day Monday through Saturday and Sunday day is when I get to shop. Stores should have different shifts for people to work so they stay open. I understand that some people like to speak d time with family Sundays but I think the choice should be for individual shops and not entire malls.

  • Why should they?

    The weekend is a time where most people are free from work, therefore have more time to shop. As through the week most people are caught up with work, getting kids ready for school etc, so why should the mall close early on a day when people have time to spend or hang out? It seems silly. Also, the decision for malls to close early on a Sunday, 'the day of rest' is a religious one that many Americans do not follow, so no, the mall shouldn't close early on a Sunday.

  • Malls Should Stay Open Later on Sundays

    No, malls should not close early on Sundays as that rule is based on an archaic custom that does not apply to many Americans today. The decision to close early is a religious one, and as many Americans do not follow those religious beliefs, there is no reason for a mall to close early on Sunday.

  • No, the weekend is a prime time for profits

    If a mall closes early on Sunday, that cuts out a large portion of time when people are free to shop. Most people have weekends off from work, and therefore do a much larger portion of their shopping on weekends. I think that they should maintain normal hours on both weekend days.

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