• Yes man made gods should be followed.

    Yes man made gods should be followed
    Man made gods are spiritual gurus whom we should follow in the same way as we follow our teachers and our parents.A made made god is not only a spiritual guru. People even follow their parents as gods.An example is the character of Ram in Ramayana who followed his father as god and did whatever his father told him to do.

  • How can Man Make a God

    You used a story with no factual or scientific evidence to back up your claim. Answer this:
    If man can create gods, why wouldn't you simply create gods which empower you to do extraordinary things such as fly?
    Allow me to answer:
    You cannot create gods.
    Definition of god:
    a superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity.
    If this is a true definition, (it is the second definition when you google "god definition") then no person should ever follow their human parents as a god. If parents had control over human fortunes, why are there millions of parents who can barely support themselves.
    Think about this in an unbiased manner. Pray to God truly with an open heart. You will see that it cannot be that a man-made creation or god can have more power than the creator (man).

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